June 8, 2018



  1. I hope Cooper’s closet looks like this one day.
  2. If only they had cool diaper bags when Cooper was a baby.
  3. Perhaps I need to start thinking of my clothes as a dress code
  4. KFC is coming out with meatless fried chicken. Curious.
  5. Time’s best podcasts of 2018 (so far)
  6. It’s commencement season! Here are some good pieces of advice.
  7. The best restaurants in SF right now. Ryan, we have a project!
  8. This is what social media is doing to restaurants now.
  9. I had a few laughs out of this one.
  10. Perfectly timed photo alert!!!
  11. Man vs. Nature in Dubai
  12. IHOP is turning into IHOB  (is the B for breakfast?)
  13. Mental Health is so important for our survival.
  14. Dorm room design is so fancy. My dorm was a prison.
  15. If you grew up in the 90s…
  16. Curious about that broom & bathtub cleaning trick…
  17. Moms are in the boss.
  18. These Birks are so cute. Oh, and these ones too!
  19. Omg. It’s a robot that I actually want.
  20. Time to bust out some glasses
  21. If you’re into one-hit wonders, here are 100 of them.

Enjoyed every last bit of Cold Soba Noodle Salad leftovers.

Picked up my favorite brush pen to write this week. I missed it!

The sunsets right now.

The hope of Summer.

The way my garden is looking.

The smell of roasted strawberries in my kitchen right now.

  • Tim Woodward

    Great collection this week. I always look forward to Friday with your list collection! I really enjoy your style.


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