February 11, 2008

in the past few days….

 I made us cinnamon sugar pancakes to celebrate a sunny Saturday morning:

happy saturday

I made a mixed berry sauce & topped them with maple syrup and butterrrrrrrr……..

pancakes are fun

so good!  i licked my plate clean:

a pancake was murdered here

-went to Ikea (bought mirror & awesome napkins)

-went to Home Depot for supplies

-had another frozen yogurt experience at Fraiche with my neighbors (yum! they loved it too!)

-went out for Indian food on Saturday night (so good! note to self- don’t eat Indian food that late AGAIN!)

-spent Sunday afternoon with a friend and had a little photo excursion while running errands

here’s some highlights:

no one talks to her



painted over graffiti sometimes produces nice results


color alley

and then we had some crepes at Ti Couz in the mission.  Love that place!

Here’s my mushroom crepe:

mushroom crepe

and a minty lemonade…..

lemon mint press

…and we stopped at Bittersweet and had some SUGAR:

mini cupcake

hardest ginger snap EVER

choco chai

It was a good/busy weekend.

We also watched most of the first season of 30 Rock (hilarious)

Did you have some good eats this weekend too?

  • Melisser

    yum yum! What’s Bittersweet??
    Also, I love Fraiche!

  • Steph F.

    Oh wow! Your food photos always make me drool. How did you make the mixed berry sauce?

  • wootowl

    it looks like it was a good weekend. this makes up for the fact that there was no oil. good work bean!

  • a. grace

    cinnamon + pancakes + berries = heaven on a plate.
    thanks for getting my salivary glands up and working this morning. 🙂

  • BDogg

    Damn, you even make mushrooms look good.

  • Cara

    Did you make all of that? It looks absolutely heavenly!!

  • Tracy

    melisser- it’s on fillmore. Have you never been? it’s sooo good. They have a vegan hot chocolate!

    steph f.- thank you! now wipe that drool! don’t let it get on your keyboard! The mixed berries were frozen- I heated them up in a pot- added a bit of water, sugar and corn starch (a heaping teaspoon) and heated it up over medium til reduced. Sorry I don’t have exact measurements!! I hope that helps somewhat.

    Woot: We’ll make up the oil.

    A.grace- thank you! and your welcome!

    Bdogg- will you ever eat mushrooms?

    Cara- I just made the pancakes…and went out for all the other bits 😉

  • Patricia Scarpin

    Wow, I’m hungry!
    Thank heavens I’m leaving for lunch in 10 minutes… 🙂

  • angie

    what scrumptious pictures! feast for my eyes.

  • maryse

    Feast or my eyes to !!!
    And what is the pancakes recipes (excuse I’m french).

  • jenifer

    oo – i was going to ask about bittersweet too! ti couz has been on my list forever. good grief, i need to stop going to all my stand bys and try some new places 🙂

  • lorra

    this is my first time on your page and i must say the photos are amazing. ok, i’ll go explore now.

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