April 21, 2008

Strawberry Juice

As you might know, I got some really great strawberries at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

Here they are right before I started digging in:

the best strawberries!

So after my strawberry overload breakfast (see below) I decided to treat myself to a refreshing beverage.  After working around the house/yard over the weekend, it was well deserved.

I started juicing them with my juicer!

juicing strawberries

I juiced two of the containers! It produces the best puree!

strawberry pulp

I think I will use it for pancakes or perhaps in my yogurt….or ice cream!

I muddled some basil leaves with a little bit of sugar. I added some fresh strawberry juice and some sparkling water.

strawberry basil spritzer

Put in a straw & top with a little strawberry and you have yourself a refreshing drink!

my fabulous mocktail

The basil was great! If you aren’t as daring…try some mint! MMMMMMM

  • Melisser

    I’ve been putting strawberry juice in frosting lately, but I don’t have a juicer. It’s a food processor & mesh strainer for me!

  • Tracy

    i used a strainer too…gotta squeeze the juice out ALL of it. waste not, want not! now that you mention it…i should put this in my frosting! ahh the possibilities!

  • Cyndi

    Trader Joe’s is having a contest and since you *love* them as much as I do, I wanted to email you the information. Your contact page is blank, though. Would you mind sending me your email so I can pass it along?

  • Suzy

    Oh I love my juicer. I always feel like i am really treating myself with a fresh
    fruit smoothie. This looks lovely!

  • Wheeler

    Wow those strawberries look so fresh and healthy! The juice looks really tasty … much better than drinking soda, that’s for sure! I bet a few slices of cucumber in there would be tasty too. And mint! Yum 🙂

  • Tracy

    wheeler- you know it! im gonna use some mint next time- or mix cucumber juice with it! soo refreshing!

    suzy- juicing is addictive! i just have to be better about using my pulp!

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  • jack

    i would love to try this recipe and freeze ahead of time. How much do this recipe make in total with just the freezing portion before the ginger ale?

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