August 13, 2008

more soon!

oooooh yeah


it’s been a hectic few weeks…which explains the absence of posting here.

I was graced with the presence of my BFF for my co-ed baby shower this weekend. It was awesome! Soo much fun! Soo many cute things! Soo tiring! Soo many people that I didn’t even take pictures! Ack!

Now, Momma is running on empty and the little boy in her tum could be doing downward facing dog in her womb right now! Yikes!

Thank you for visiting, woot! I love you!

I leave you with the promise of more soon. This week is full of baby appts/classes & baby shower to attend….and a birthday for yours truly early next week!

I am soooooo aching to get in the kitchen right now and cook something up!

Oh yeah…I have to show you some of my kitchen too!

here’s a sneak peek:

I suppose this is what baby brain is all about!


Tracy—-Try to take things slower, and relax. Enjoy the simple things in life- like this wonderful scene outside your window the other morning. That was cool wasn’t it??? It made waking up super early because of back pain SOOO worth it.

hello 7am!

  • Val


  • jenny

    downward facing boy?! amazing. this is great!
    look at you, girl. all busy and taking care of bidness.
    kickin’ ass and taking names! you go momma.

    and that part about slowing down + relaxing? babies have an *amazing* way of
    getting you to do just that 🙂
    you’ll see.

  • Kristen De Deyn Kirk

    Tracy, glad to hear you’re well — although tired! I love your site so much; I got a little worried when you hadn’t updated it. This is such a special time for you and your baby. I miss my pregnant days. Enjoy every second of it. Hope your back is better.

  • Melisser

    Ooh, what is this birdcage print?! Loves it!

  • ELK

    yes I was a tad worried when you did not post…glad all is well. Slowing down…
    that will happen when baby comes!

  • Tracy

    val & melisser- thank you! it’s a bird/birdcage print I found online. It was a huge leap of faith, but I am totally in love with it 😉 So glad you like too!

    Kristen, Jenny & ELK: Yes…slowing down. Parking my butt on the couch these days..making hubby rub my feet. It’s tough being pregnant! This belly really does slow the show down!

    jenny- i meant that he’s doing some crazy funky stretching! ha ha. but he is closer to the downward facing position. Cooperative baby!

  • L.

    Tracy. TRACY. I totally just stole your kitchen’s light fixture. And please make me a dress out of any leftover wallpaper, it is gorgeous. The birdcages are killing me. The kitchen is gorgeous, but how could it not be? And Happy Early Birthday, lady!

  • Elisa Leone

    Love your kitchen-that wallpaper is so fabulous and dramatic, can’t wait to see more pics!

  • Tracy

    thanks L! I thought you would love it! great minds….

    elisa leone- thank you! More pictures coming up!

  • wootowl

    Thank YOU for the lovely visit.
    The wallpaper is indeed totally OSSUM- I’m super jealous. Love, love, love it.
    It made the fact that I was kept up so late ok, just being in that room.
    I can’t wait for our next visit…

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