365- Week 20

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s Week 20:

148/365 Mushroom pie, butter lettuce salad w/ herbs & WINE!work lunch!

147/365 Someone caught me eating Pretzel M&Ms (BTW they are pretty good!).

someone caught me eating M&Ms

146/365 Garbanzo & raisin salad with spinach & feta.

dinner tonight

145/365 Mango slicing. I love my mango peeler.

damn, i love my mango peeler

144/365 Greek yogurt, honey, banana & toasted coconut.

afternoon snackage

143/365 One cupcake for Amanda. One cupcake for me. On our way to see Bridesmaids.

one for me one for amanda

142/365 Vegetable breakfast skillet with eggs & a bagel.

vegetable breakfast skillet

Have a fun Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

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