January 15, 2008

Tuesdays work better for me

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am totally useless on Mondays.  I had every intention to post something yesterday but the lack of energy prevented me from doing so.  Why is it that I can’t sleep on Sunday nights? Is it the anticipation of a new week?  Is it because I over-do it with coffee on Sunday mornings?  I lay in bed imagining the list of things I have to do in my head.

So here’s the past few days….

I made a batch of whole-wheat blueberry scones (thanks to a flickr friend)

saturday breakfast

I had an affair with my french press maker- the husband was in on it too

i love you french press.  im a slave for you.

I got to see some baby bunnies

i want to squeeze you

and a few little chicks….

let's talk about chicks, man

I walked around Half Moon Bay with my sister-in-law & her friend

half moon bay

I read a little bit of the book Eat, Pray Love (need to finish it!!)

i read when i can

I got to see a teeny flower weather the cold yet sunny Sunday afternoon

won't you come home with me?

I ate a grilled eggplant sandwich that would have been wonderful if it wasn’t for MAYO

this sandwich was ruined with mayo

I went through 30+ magazines over the weekend and condensed all the good stuff into a binder…


And now it’s Tuesday and I’ve spent the past two hours researching juicers.

  • Melisser

    Ryan never sleeps on Sunday nights either! I wonder what it is.

  • shoezoo

    Could you share the whole wheat blueberry scone recipe please… they look delicious.

  • Karen

    I hear you on the MAYO – why ruin a good sandwich with it, in my humble opinion!

  • BDogg

    i want those bunnies!!

  • Sarah Lynn

    Mayo is the suck. Serial.

  • Allyson

    What do you think if Eat, Pray, Love? I thought the Italy chapter was fantastic, but couldn’t get through India… it felt a little torturous (and I’ve heard others say the same.) I put it down for a few weeks, but have vowed to give it a fair shot and finish!

  • Tracy

    Allyson- I breezed through Italy but I haven’t been motivated to pick the book up in like 4 days to get into India. I’ll let you know when i dig deeper into it 😉

    Sarah Lynn & Karen- So glad I have fellow Mayo Haters. Bleh! I just don’t get it!

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