2 for 2010!!!

Meet Rhoda

I bought a juicer 5 months before I got pregnant with Cooper.  I was obsessed.  For the first three months, I juiced constantly.  I could not keep enough fruit & veg in my house to quench my thirst.  I thought to myself “This 200 bucks was soo worth it!  How could I never NOT juice?!”

Then I got pregnant and turned super lazy….The thought of lugging my machine out of the cabinet and cleaning up the mess prevented me from using it. What a waste of a fine machine!  Sigh.

This afternoon while Coop slept, I busted out Rhoda (the name I have for my juicer) and made something delightful!

Carrot, Red Pepper, Apple, Ginger & Celery juice:

what's in my juice!

And this is the result!

I love how frothy it gets!


Because today is the last day of the year I FEEL like I should make some resolutions to begin 2010.

I have two:

-Juice more

-Go on more hikes with my family

We went on one this past weekend in Guerneville and it was FUN!!

little shroomies


it was a little chilly

puddle hike




So I think those are pretty realistic & attainable!  What are yours?

  • maija

    Beautiful hiking pics! Those inspire me to get outside — I love a misty forest. hmmn, or maybe the Japanese gardens (in PDX)…

    I’ve got a whole list of “would-be-nice-to” roaming in my brain, but I think these are my top 3 right now:
    1)Take a home-buying class & get SERIOUS about the process (saving, etc)
    2)finally start a food blog – I’m a little late to the game, but I’m so tired of my recipe collection mess, it’d be nice to have recipes stored in a blog form, instead of scraps of paper fluttering on my kitchen counters.
    3)the mail project – to both support the US Postal Service & to keep the written letter alive, my goal is to write one letter a month, hopefully more? Maybe even find an actual penpal 🙂

  • Kara

    I have the same juicer and I agree, I love it, but I don’t have counter space for it, so getting it out and the clean-up keep me of using it often. I would love it if you shared more juicing recipes though!!!

  • tara

    Drat it, now I have to add “get me a juicer” to my new years resolutions. That sounds so tasty!

    Love the pictures in the woods, the mood the light and textures are just super-dreamy.

  • KanoKano

    Beautiful photos! I can’t resist moss or mushroom images…

    Have a wonderful New Year’s Day!

  • jujubefamily

    yay for juicing and hiking! juuuuuice… sounds good. happy new year!

  • Tracy

    maija- i love your resolutions! especially the writing one. It’s so important to keep letter writing alive!

    kara- in the works! i’ll post more soon!

    tara- heehehee it’s fun! and tasty! you might get hooked…

    kano- same here! i love mushroom photos

    juju-happy new year to you too!

  • Lee

    So do you recommend the type of juicer you have? I’ve been thinking about getting one.

  • Tracy

    lee- i have an omega juicer. it’s more of a commercial grade and it works like a charm!

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