day 62

my babies are growing!

It’s been 62 days since I started my tomato & herb garden!! Where does the time go??
There are tons of little green tomatoes ready to ripen on the vines.
So far, I’ve used a LOT of basil and some thyme from my stash. I’ve learned that basil requires A LOT of water- especially in my area.

I’m looking forward to making some recipes that include the Thai basil I’m growing.

So far soooo good. I am super stoked to see the fruits of my labor (pun intended). I find myself just staring at every single leaf, blossom & growing tomato…watching them grow. It’s exciting to see how much they shoot up in one night.

The process has been very rewarding! I can’t wait to dig into those beauties!

  • kristi

    I find that thai basil works great in stir-fries. I made it a lot with eggplant last

  • maomau

    i kno. i look out in my garden every morning even though i know it look much the same as it did yesterday morning but i can tell its grown a nth bit. its definitely exciting!!! i finally picked a beautiful radish that hasn’t been attacked by a squirrel!

  • galexiegirl

    I love that big tin container thingy. Wow, I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

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