finally i can breathe!

my desk looked like this earlier today:

project deskcleanup: BEFORE

and now it looks like this:

project deskcleanup: AFTER

I got rid of a lot of useless stuff. Feels so good to purge all the stuff I don’t need and organize the stuff I do!

Also, I FINALLY put up my Blythe collection. They have been sitting in a container for the past three years (since the move). They make me happy.

only took me 3 years to put these on display!

I think the next project might be to go through the closets…and then hang up a new frame with some art in it.

I am on a roll…and I really hope I don’t stop. Spring Clean away!

  • maija

    Wow – the line up of Blythe dolls is kind of intense (but fun). Good job – I love the feeling of organization – and it looks like (by the clock on the wall) that you got this done in just over an hour?

  • alex/galexiegirl

    well shoot…now that i see your B’s I’m wondering, did I meet you first via Blythe or via Jenny (freckle)?? Aw well, who cares! I still love my Blythe dollies too. I posted the asparagus tart and people said it looked yummers. Thanks again!

  • shokoofeh

    Oh so inspiring…!

  • carli

    your desk/wall/everything look fantastic, bravo!

  • puglyfeet

    The before didn’t look too bad. Cool clutter. 🙂

  • Kristen

    i see a decole mushroom! cute! 🙂

  • blythe

    the blythe dolls have always creeped me out, but seeing them all lined up kinda makes them less scary. i might actually have to acquire one (finally).

  • Melissa A.

    Your clean desk looks great! I love the blue on your walls in your office. My desk looks alot like your before picture. Your inspiring me to get cleaned up.

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