August 10, 2018


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  1. How to clean your bathroom in 15 minutes.
  2. This is a big problem for our culture.
  3. The difference between your 20s and 30s- so real
  4. This is the most beautiful plant shop!
  5. A filmmaker discusses how mobile phones have killed photography
  6. Glad to see Matt Damon & Ben Affleck are working together on something! 
  7. I’m very excited for my friend Ashley’s new book! 
  8. A hand gesture could be your next password
  9. I can’t wait to watch this  and this too!
  10. What does immersing yourself in a book do to your brain?
  11. These mahi-mahi tacos look so light & refreshing
  12. Dorm rooms are so freaking fancy these days. 
  13. The Rubiks cube is getting redesigned.
  14. Cookies for when you don’t feel like turning on the oven
  15. One of my favorite Missy Elliot songs.
  16. Big surprise! This buzzfeed quiz told me my favorite subject in school is ART.
  17. The last few episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s show are going to be bittersweet.
  18. My grandma was the queen of last-minute entertaining.
  19. Cats have always had a place in our history.
  20. The paradox of older workers.
  21. These rug sculptures look like real life Magic Eye books
  22. How to have better family meals.

I’ve learned that I cannot walk around barefoot in my house anymore. My feet need a tremendous amount of support. As a result, they hurt constantly!  This foot massager is helping. I love that it squeezes my feet. Each session lasts for about 15 minutes which is 14 more minutes than I get from my in-house masseuse (husband).

My Everyday Life: Week 31 on Shutterbean.com

A lot of you asked me where this dress was from when I posted it on my Instagram Stories. I’ve been having really good luck with the dresses I ordered from eshakti. 

They always have pockets, which is really the best part! That, and you can customize them to fit your body.  Very helpful for us pear shaped ladies.

Use the code: TRACYBENJAMIN  to get $35 off your first purchase! 



  • Kate

    I’ve always loved being barefoot girl but the last couple years have had to give it up because of plantar fasciitis. Allbirds loungers have changed my life if you’re looking for “house shoes”. I definitely feel a little like an 80 year old grandma (mine are blush pink) cleaning my house but I don’t mind wearing them and have pretty much eliminated my foot pain. Good luck!! Hope your feet feel better soon! Foot pain sucks!

  • Kay

    I am a bit twitchy in regards to that how to clean your bathroom post….I’ve concluded over the years that people do not really clean their toilets correctly. And this goes for all of those public bathrooms including all the workplace toilets.

    So, that’s great that one has swirled around some cleaner in the bowl and maybe scrubbed a few times but…what about the seat, lid, back?? I mean with all the bums that settle down and the pee that’s underneath the seat (and of course the poo too) anyway, toilets are gross bizness and the bowl part is often the least of your worries.

    Gross, sorry. ✌️

  • kickpleat

    I know of what you speak in terms of foot pain, but I hate wearing socks and shoes indoors and I’ve found the cure! Calf stretches with your hands against the wall. It really works! I should do them daily, but I end up doing them a few times a week, about 1-2 minutes per leg and I can walk barefoot with zero pain. Also, you look super cute in that dress!

  • Priya

    I’ve just got back from a three week holiday in france with no WiFi and have been looking forward to binging on your blog posts! (Tonight I start orange is the new black season 6!)
    Since I had my third kid in november I have had awful foot pain too as a result of flat feet (and apparently age and having kids all play their part). My husband though, after being amazing at foot rubs while the baby was little they are a lot less frequent and shorter too so loving the look among the squeezy foot massager! If yours is a flat foot thing I would love to know what supportive footwear you wear that is actually nice and are you going to have to buy a ton of new stuff? im living in birkenstocks over the summer and have been wearing new balance trainers otherwise as they have arch support.
    Oh and love the eshakti tip- looks awesome!

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