keep calm, carry on

Today was one of those mornings…where Coop woke ready to go before the sun came up.

he woke up sooo early

in my head I’m screaming “MORE SLEEP MORE SLEEP

but then I look at my 10 month old (YES! 10 MONTHS) and I see him ready to face the day.

He’s got a zest for life and it reminds me…

These moments are fleeting and I should relax and enjoy a sunrise with my boy.

We wake up and eat breakfast together and prepare for the day. His cuteness is worth every second of sleep I lose.

Just get me another cup of coffee please!

  • gwen

    i will remember your words when i’m up with my little guy. thank you!

    • Tracy

      good luck gwen! I’ve learned that if you don’t think like this at times, you will get sucked in whole! Motherhood is tough but worth it! xoxoxox

  • grace

    Such true words. And so easy to not think like that before coffee and at before dawn hours! But these precious little moments are truly fleeting….thanks for the thought!

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