Halloween 2011

Our Halloween was busy/fun! What you see up there is Cooper’s candy loot. He was so proud of how much candy he collected that he wouldn’t let any of us hold his bucket until we had to carry him home at the end of the night. Trick- or- Treating WIPED him out!

What was Cooper for Halloween?

A FIREMAN! I had every intention of making him his own costume but this kid changed his mind MULTIPLE times a day. I took a stand and on Saturday night we went to Target and found this fireman costume. The selection was so sad but he finally made a decision. Don’t look closely at the sleeves! This a 12-24 month old costume! EEP.

If you listen to the Joy The Baker Podcast, you might already know that I wanted to be a raccoon for Halloween.

Early yesterday morning I planned out my raccoon makeup. I took a picture of my head with my camera phone, printed it out and then mocked it up with a sharpie & pencil. I had limited time to get it done after work so planning was KEY.

I made it home with Cooper at 5:00pm and RUSHED to make a pair of ears & get my makeup on.

Casey was a raccoon too, but he didn’t want any of the white makeup on his face.

He didn’t look as cool as me.

We fed Coop dinner and went on our Trick- or- Treating journey down the street.

Here’s a cute pumpkin. I like the mouth.

Here’s my little fireman ringing a doorbell! He would say TRICK OR TREAT after they put candy in his bucket.

Then he would say thank you after he left the porch. He finally got the hang of it after we hit the first 10 houses. For the rest of the night he would walk away from the house shouting, ” I JUST SAID THANK YOU!” It was hysterical.

Ooh creepy! There was one house that scared Cooper. A guy was hanging out at the porch dressed up in a creepy costume. Cooper thought he was just a statue and when the guy moved, Cooper WAS SOO SCARED. He got candy from the guy anyway. Way to hang in there, buddy!

The word SPOOKY makes me laugh. Probably because I always think of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

Here’s a creepy picture of Cooper. He’s on Casey’s back walking home.

The biggest shock of the night? The lollipop that Cooper got into right before bed didn’t mess up bedtime.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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