October 4, 2009

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!

We had a small birthday celebration for Cooper this weekend.

It was primary color & circle themed!

party table

I had a bunch of candy on the table for the adults- The little meringues from Trader Joe’s were a hit!

of the candy lovers

I filled little chinese food containers with bubblegum for “goodie bags”

making the goodie boxes

We had the party outside- the weather was in the high 70s!

I served grilled sausage with peppers & onions (not pictured).  There were some other goodies too.

the spread

I made carrot cake cupcakes- and added bubblegum balls on top:

carrot cake cupcakes with bubble gum on top

I made Coop his own Panda smash cake!    Vanilla cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!

happy bday!

Here we are introducing it to him!

coop, here's your smash cake!

The first poke…

love at first touch

Digging right in…

yes. i think this will work

Black frosting face!

black frosting!

He loved it!

digging in

It was a good party.  Now it’s time for me to digest the fact that I have a 1 year old!

  • kat

    sooooo adorable!!! I love the vibrant colors of the party, and the cute panda for Cooper!

  • radish

    a belated happy birthday to cooper and congratulations!!!!

  • heidi

    Aw it all looks so awesome. I love the circles and primary colors, and the cupcakes look amazing. The panda cake is adorable!

  • Dana

    Oh no. I’m sorry, that could not be cuter. And I love your party decorations and food! So sweet.

  • tanja

    just too cool ! love your ideas!

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    This looks amazing….so fun and colorful. I’ve never heard the phrase “smash cake” before! Does that mean a cake for the lil guy to grab at? How cute is that???? (Also, leave it to you to have the most yumtastic Smash Cake….vanilla with cream cheese frosting??? HELLO!)

    Cooper is beautiful and you are the best mom around lady!

  • Onjoli

    Happy belated birthday fellow Libra:)
    What a cool birthday party you planned, looks like it’s right out of a Magazine.
    And a panda cake, tooo cute!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for giving me the tip to check this out! I am so excited to make Kendall’s cake for her first birthday, but I can’t decide what flavor to go for… I’m thinking just vanilla like you did with Cooper. Her party is “Paris” themed so I’m trying to tie in something creative with that. Thanks again!

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