September 12, 2007

:::two new furry friends:::

smile for the camera siena this is madison siena waits for her toy to be thrown he's got his eye on you

today at work I went to my coworker’s house to take pictures for her Real Estate brochure. The best part (besides getting away from work) was meeting her “kids.” The dog is Siena Cha-Cha and the cat is Madison. It’s the first Scottish Fold cat I’ve met. Their ears are silly.

i also fell in love with this flowery plant. It’s a Jewels of Opar plant.  Perhaps one day I’ll have one in my backyard….

prettie little things

  • Melisser

    CUTE furry purries! I love Scottish Fold kitties!
    That IS a cool plant!

  • tanja

    hello !
    Discovered your blog on somebody else’s blog and just wanted to tell you how nice it is – and how beautiful the pictures are – inspirational ! You’re in my favourites now…

  • tracy

    thanks tanja! I appreciate your nice words!

    melisser- when do i get to meet your fuzzy babies??!!

  • Carol

    There is a great series of books about Norton
    (a scottish fold who is named after the Honeymooner’s character) who
    travels around the world and when he goes to cat heaven,
    the New York Times prints his obit.

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