Christmas Decor 2010


Almost done decorating for Christmas! We put up our tree late Saturday morning! Probably wasn’t the best idea because Cooper loved the tree soo much, he wouldn’t take a proper nap. How could I forget  how exciting Christmas can be for a young one!?!  He kept calling for his Christmas tree. So far hasn’t been touching the ornaments (that much) but he does insist on holding our hands and bringing us into the sitting room to show us the Christmas tree. I think he loves it.

So this year my color scheme is a bit different. I always do a blue & silver version, but this year I added a sparkly lime green to the mix and brought out more turquoise. Here’s the scheme:

color scheme I pulled out our old square wreath. I wanted to change things up a little bit so I gave it a makeover!

Here’s the before!


And here’s the AFTER! I added a few blue ornaments on top & spray painted it silver!


I also draped some green beading around it and hung a green snowflake from it.

new life to my old wreath

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Hooray for spray paint!  While I was outside spraying, I found a really huge branch from our pine tree laying in the needles. I sprayed it! And some pine cones too! Suddenly, I found my inspiration for my mantle! The only annoying part is that for the rest of the day, I had a sore arm from spray painting! What gives?

the mantle

I love seeing the reflection of the tree in the mirror. There’s Coop playing with his cars!

from the side

I also sprayed a few clusters for pine needles for the mantle. My silver birds felt right at home!


I sprayed this smaller branch and hung some ornaments from it. I really like looking at it!


I filled up the clock with some of our sparkly ornaments.

the clock

While I was decorating, I realized my print from Lisa Congdon fit in perfectly! Hooray for that.

And here we are head on. Hello! I really like the flow of the decorations.


Just below the mantle is Cooper’s faux tree! We thought it would help distract him from touching the big one!

coop's tree

So far it’s working! Here’s the view of our tree from the couch. Our stockings are perfect for the color scheme.

view from the living room

In between the living room & sitting room (where the tree is) I decorated the top of the bookshelf.

all lined up

I got a few new ornaments from Target that fit in perfectly with the colors.

new ornament

All the ornaments on the tree this year are plastic so we don’t run into any problems 😉

coop checking it out

The spirit of Christmas has filled our house!!

Happy Holidays, friends!

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