Garden update, yada yada


I just realized that it’s been awhile since I updated my backyard garden progress. So what’s going on with that? Parts of my garden are thriving & other parts…not so much. It’s definitely been a learning process and I’m so fascinated by it all. I planted some Echinacea in the backyard and it’s finally blooming! It’s soo pretty! I love it.

What have I learned so far?

I learned that arugula have flowers! Then little pods come out and they start re-seeding. Fancy!

arugula blossom

I ate all the arugula. It was SOO peppery. Knocked my socks off. Homegrown arugula is SPICY.


I lost my strawberries, cilantro & dill. BOO. The area I had them in was too hot. All it took was one scorching afternoon and they looked liked a vampire facing the daylight! I’m talking about a True Blood vampire…not a Twilight one. No diamond- like sparkles on these planties. Just crusty shriveled up shrubs.

coop inspection

And so I my trough had a big void to fill with the missing cilantro, arugula & dill. What to put in there?? TOMATOES! Yup. Screw it. I did it even though I said I was going to wait til next year. The tree we were gonna have removed will not be in time for tomato season. SIGH. Hopefully I will have some good little sungolds to snack on when I’m watering. I bought 3 of those and a beefsteak tomato plant.


At least I think that’s what it is. The basil is really taking off and thickening up.


It’s a pretty big difference from this:

So in a few months I should have some little tomato pictures for you.

Cross you fingers!

  • Lana

    Your garden plan sounds exactly like mine… when the garden hands you lemons… plant more tomatoes!

  • regan

    I can’t hear about arugula without thinking of Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven. It’s a vegetable!

  • jen

    isn’t homegrown arugula intense? i recently made an arugula spinach pesto with some from a local farm. not guna lie, it was kick ass. that’s all. oh, and we lost our parsley and dill to the undead as well; it was a sad day.

  • L.

    You are KILLING IT with that Basil, nice lady. Way to go. I will tell you a secret – I am planting tomatoes in the same plot of borrowed land as I did last year. All the Research Binges (Sassy 50+ year old men on the GardenWeb forums I read) said that as long as you make sure to feed/fert. them and watch their progress (pulling any that look diseased), you should be okay. Tons of stories of people who grew beautiful toms in the same plot for decades, making sure to enrich their soil year after year, and the internet can’t be wrong.

    I had to re-root a bunch of seedlings I started because they got super huge and lanky super quick. I hope they survive, because they’re the variety I was most excited about.

    • Tracy

      You have to show me pics, lady friend!!!! I need to fertilize them a little more. I was slacking hardcore on that front!

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