The Italian Feast

A week before Christmas Eve, I was making ravioli with my mom for our Italian Feast.

my contribution

It took over 4 hours of work.  They were patiently waiting in my freezer for this special occasion!

They were worth the effort! I’ll post the recipe this week…

So my mom always hosts Christmas Eve.  She sets a beautiful table, doesn’t she?

the table is set

Every year we open Christmas crackers before we dig into our salad.
This year they were filled with some cool items.  I got a key chain flashlight.
They also have silly/stupid jokes inside- but we laugh anyway.

the table

My brother Ryan & I got my mom some yummy cheeses from Murray’s in NYC. We ate a lot of it!

appetizer spread

My sister-in-law brought some caviar! Totally fancy!

from lbg

Here’s her sparkling wine…and my nephew in the background. I’m busy eating & photo taking.

It’s what I do….


As always, Coop loved playing with his cousins, Henry & Eleanor.

cousins playing

Cut to dinner.

Some bunny loved his Christmas cracker! He insisted we all wear the paper crowns that were inside.

xmas cracker

My mom made her infamous green salad. It’s good to get some greens in. Wait til you see what’s next.

mom's salad

Here’s the ravioli, braciola, meatballs, sausages & garlic bread. Whoa. WHOA.

xmas eve

You might have to loosen your belt when you look at this.

holy italian feast!

And here’s my plate…. Don’t judge. The weight gain was well worth it 😉

load it up!

To say it was good is an understatement! Can’t wait for next year’s Italian Feast!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I’m definately looking forward to lighter fare this week….

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