My Everyday Life: Week 35

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Waffles are the best thing about weekends.

To Do Lists GALORE. You can see more about that here.

Shredded Rainbow Salad for dinner.

Afternoon light in my office.

Random power animal action.

Morning light. Ready to do some erranding.

Corn, arugula & avocado salad. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


The latest…this was actually in Casey’s shoe. Very sad, but also kinda neat to see a bird up close.

Sushi before the sun goes down.

Abandoned stuff for breakfast.

I love taking pictures of cracked eggs. They’re so beautiful.

Missing my maj.

Morning cartoon watching.

Cleaning out the pantry and making my own TRAIL-MIX.

Making Corn Zucchini Lime Pizza for company. Also! I made a Prosciutto/Fig/Goat Cheese pizza.

They were fab!


Cooper is usually super blurry when he’s super happy.

This is excited Cooper. Hand clench!

This is serious Cooper. As in….I seriously want a cookie for this photoshoot.

This is Cooper after his haircut. This is me playing around with settings on my computer to mask a crap photo!

Foggy Thursday in San Francisco.

I went to a California Strawberry event at Cotagna in SF.

Making a mess in the kitchen. I put all the used up stuff on a baking sheet.

I actually follow some of my tips for Staying Organized in the Kitchen!

Sometimes my mess is pretty.

I’ve been listening to Uhh Yeah Dude on my phone NON-STOP this week. I think it’s cuz I miss podcasting.

Saturday morning egg & toast. I love when Cooper gets a haircut cuz I can see his forehead.

Making pickled beans.



  • tea_austen

    How freakin cute is Cooper? SO CUTE.
    xox, friend.
    PS. The buck picture cracked me up. Welcome back to Marin!

  • stefanierenee

    love seeing the beauty that is your world.

  • Amanda Barkey

    That fig pizza looks amaze. Also, just realized my gestation matches up with the week it is… 35 weeks, woot! where HAS the time gone?!

  • Kayla

    Cooper is too cute! Love his clenched hands photo. And that pizza? YUM.

  • Robyn

    cooper is getting sooo big!

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Loves! So funny that you have been listening to Uhh Yeah Dude as well this week. Super laughing about White Gravy and Pretty Penny. Laughing all the way to work. I love Cooper’s haircut he looks so grown up. Have a great weekend.

  • Holly W

    I am now craving sushi. Love your beautiful world.
    And I completely understand your love of Cooper getting a haircut. Don’t you love how it just makes them look about a year older? So adorable.

  • Kathryn

    UYD4LIFE! I want to have breakfast with you someday. Next time you’re in Monterey hit me up! I’d totes babysit 🙂 Seatbelts.

  • Joannabee

    Cooper serious? Wow, can you say ” heartbreaker”? Beautiful!

  • gray

    bah! That pizza!! BAH!


  • Cláudia Trindade

    Cooper is so cute!!:))
    Lovely pictures!!

  • Ellie Delancey

    My 2.5 yr old nephew does the “hand clench with the bared teeth” thing too. He calls it the “ninja move”!

  • Elise Martinez

    I love these posts. I seriously look forward to them each week!

  • Julie

    Great idea putting all the used stuff on a baking sheet.

    And I always always love the pictures of Cooper!

  • Veronica Calvage

    I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE UHH YEAH DUDE. I usually listen to podcasts at the office, and I listen to those dudes right after JtB. YOU RULE, TRACY SHUTTERBEAN. I am so sorry that I have to internet-yell all of these things at you. Blame the gin and ginger tonic.

  • Victoria

    I have never even thought about taking photos of cracked eggs….Good one!

    Love the foggy San Fran morning! And Cooper’s haircut, and the dead bird/cat tail, and knowing that you make some serious messes too. 🙂

  • Laura

    Oh my gosh- Cooper is SO cute!!! And p.s. is that buck for real??? Holy crap!

  • Evelyn

    One of the highlights of my week Tracy, is YOUR week!! 🙂 Thanks again and Cooper is such a “cutie pie” Love the menu ideas too, oh it’s all good!!

  • Lucia

    Love the cracked eggs too. They make me feel as if I had just revelead the surprise inside, even if the surprise inside is not a surprise at all but is just… egg yolk 😉

  • Lori from a family's life

    Do you make your own sushi??

    Love the calendar! So beautiful! I maj missed your podcast too!

  • holly

    your cat is such a badass lil mouser!!

  • Mary

    Cooper’s eyes are gorgeous! Wowza!

  • Lia

    Love love love – as always!
    One thing? Is joy telling you to share your groove or shave your groove thing?!! Actually, you can keep that to yourself 😉
    Awesome pics as ever – you see beauty in every.single.thing 🙂

  • Katelyn

    What dressing did you put on the corn/arugula/avocado salad? Looks good!

  • joy the baker

    i missed you this week!

  • Adriene

    “Cooper is usually super blurry when he is happy.” That is probably the best sentence I’ve ever read. And you’re the only person who can make a table of sandwich bags look so pretty. 🙂

  • Jayne

    Serious Cooper looks so much like you, Tracy! And I’d never stop wanting your salads. Just too good.

  • Kiera

    Love this series (in equal measure with the “I love lists” Friday series). Looks like a beautiful/delicious week!

  • Erica

    That baking sheet thing just rocked my world. Genius!

  • Aravinda

    Cracked eggs and messes photograph beautifully, as does your son and fig pizza. Glad I stopped by today.

  • Sylvie

    Tracy, your everyday life always brings a smile to my face. Plus you give me food envy every time!

  • Ellen

    I liked the list article. I’m a list maniac. Post-it’s have a way of accumulating fast at my place! When the song lizstamania first came out I thought they were saying list-a-mania and considered adopting it as a theme song, haha.
    Anyway, good to see other listers:)

  • Kim

    Ok, Cooper is the CUTEST thing EVER! You seriously know that your child is gorgeous, don’t you? How do you organize your lists? I find old ones in my purse, car, and in my kitchen! Yikes, not good at keeping up with them-help!

  • Saar Dockx

    I’m going to put it out there (I know I’ll probably have written the weirdest comment then but so be it)
    First of all, I love the pictures and the bowl you made your salad in !
    Secondly I absolutely am jealous of your handwriting 😛 I don’t know but I’m fascinated with handwriting(s) and I really like yours! 😀
    Voila. I did it. It’s out there.

    Love, Saar

  • lety

    Yummy! What dressing did you use on the corn, avocado, and arugula salad?

  • biobabbler

    WE miss you not podcasting! And wow, nice buck for a city girl!! Pretty hefty–I’m impressed! =) You really do present a lovely week. Nice. =)

  • Lori

    I love your post it and I’m glad you posted it bc the “shave your groove thing” story is the hardest I have ever laughed listening to one of your podcasts. I know it wasn’t your story, but I still wanted you to know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your podcast 🙂

  • Nadine

    Are they lemon poppyseed muffins I see? Would love to have your take on them!

  • Mandy

    How do you get all the silks off of your corn cobs? I wash and rinse and scrub a bit with my hands but always wind up with strands in my salad (I like it raw). This all sounds a bit dirty…thank you!

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