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it's stormy

It’s been raining a lot here in Northern California!  A LOT!

lucky boy

It’s nice, but it’s prevented us from going on the afternoon walks I love so much.

Because I’ve been stuck inside on my days off of work, I’ve been trying my hardest to get organized and streamline my life a bit.

It’s been a challenge, but I have implemented a few things that have saved me.

Mondays are always my laundry day.

I never deviate from that…unless it’s Sunday and I want to get a jump start.

another monday

I have finally found a rhythm in the laundry process, and have figured out how to fold & put away Coop’s clothes in a fashion that doesn’t stress me out. His clothes are getting bigger and take up much more space than I had anticipated.

the boy's load & a kitty!

I’ve learned that it’s OK if he takes everything out of the drawers.  It’s been a challenge not to get super frustrated with that. He’s a kid and he’s exploring.

I’ve also downsized handbags. I used to carry around a *Felix the Cat* bag (as I called it) full of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I could lug around. One day while I was cleaning it out I realized that I am just LUGGING around crap that never gets used.

In order to streamline and prevent that “Oh shit! where are my keys?!” moment I’ve had so frequently the past year, I bought a lug bag.

(I’ve lost two sets of keys and don’t really want to talk about it)

what's in my bag  01.13.10

I’ve also taken time to RELAX and soak in a recipe I’m about to make in the kitchen.  There’s been soo many times where I haven’t read an important step/direction before it’s too late.

I start by gathering all of my ingredients FIRST.

Take a picture, take a deep breath and then go from there.

I can’t tell you how much that has helped my sanity in the kitchen.

getting read to make garlic naan

I’ve been checking out a lot of books from the library lately.  It helps me decide if I want to buy them or not.

I used to have a book fetish…which warranted a Prime Shipping membership at Amazon. But now it’s on hold.

currently checked out from our library

And if I don’t feel like it’s worth a purchase, I just return it!  I don’t have to make room for them somewhere in my house!

A good way to prevent clutter and overspending.

Another thing that has saved my ass these day is Soup Making.

I make big batches of soup once or twice a week and freeze the leftovers in containers.

I pull out a container for lunch and heat it up! I’ve probably already mention that.

But it’s seriously a GOOD THING.  I now use veggie pulp from juicing in my soups!

lunch today.

This is what I’m having for lunch today. You won’t BELIEVE how many ingredients are in it!

clean out the fridge SOUP!

Wanna know?

kale pulp, garlic, spinach, tomatoes, carrots & carrot pulp, celery, broccoli, beans, red potatoes & macaroni.

I’ve also dropped off household stuff & clothes at St. Vincent’s de Paul recently. At least 4 bags worth!

I was sad to find out that they don’t take toys though or sporting goods! But will find a home for them soon.

I hope to get our basement done in the next month and do a huge garage clean up.  That will be awesome.

There’s this website I found recently called Simple Mom that I am TOTALLY loving.

It’s given me hope and has totally inspired me. There are great articles about organizing, money, parenting & being greener. I love it.

So, that’s  all for now!

  • sammyw

    i agree in establishing a laundry day, mine is friday and it has helped so much in streamlining household chores. and love love love simple mom (eventhough i’m not a mama!), takes everything step by step!

  • Dave -nibbleanibble

    It’s been raining all week here in Southern California too. I guess, change is good. I haven’t seen rain for so long I forgot what it’s like.

  • Tracy

    sammyw- that site is great for everyone! it has helped me kick my butt into shape about simplifying.

    dave- i am enjoying the rain..we’ve needed it! My lawn NEEEEEEEDED it.

  • Helen

    I have a son named Cooper too AND I’ve been making soup like crazy lately (could it be winter?!). I’ll have to try this recipe–looks tasty!

  • Melissa Schmalenberger

    I have three boys and their clothes just keep getting bigger. I now do luandry one load a day and then more on weekends. You would think with boys that they wouldn’t wear so many clothes, but I guessed wrong! As long as I do one load a day, it seems very managable. I too love making soup, the best ones are the onese that can be kept in the crock pot all day!

  • Michelle

    So many great ideas, you’ve got my head spinning a little at how disorganized I really am! 😛

    I do the library thing all the time too, and would only get a cookbook that I truly loved. Baked is at the top of my amazon wish list right now. Have you ever checked out paperback swap (online)? It’s a cool book trading site that I love.

  • Jessica Craig

    thanks for turning me on to simple mom! love it!

  • jujubefamily

    I really enjoyed this post!

  • janelle

    That soup looks SOOOOOO good! I love that you make it and freeze lunch containers!!

  • Tracy

    Helen- we are samies! How old is he?

    Melissa- I am so scared of the day that happens…when I’m doing laundry non stop. But sounds like you might have it down pat!

    Michelle- Plus going to the library is fun isn’t it?! I haven’t seen this paperback swap online. I’ll have to google it!

    Jess- anytime lovey!

    thanks juju!

    thanks janelle! it makes my life so much easier when I know there’s something healthy waiting for me in the freezer. If I don’t do that, I am in big trouble with my snacking habits!

  • tristan

    this is so great! i’m all about some organization and some guidance on how to be MORE organized is always welcome! great post!

  • Helen

    My Cooper is just over 3 months old now and is so much fun! I’m looking forward to when he starts solids 😉

  • Crystal Bee

    you have a lot of laundry. this blog, ironically, is making me want to go shopping.

  • yasmin

    pulp in your soup?? genius! this is a great post. nice to get a sneak peek into your everyday–even though i just found your blog.

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  • Rebecca

    Could you give me the recipe for that soup because it looks divine and I use most all those ingredients in the juices I make in the mornings.

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