March 27, 2015

I love lists, Friday!



  1. Oh gosh. I would eat a whole plate of these Carrot Cake Cookies and OMG this cake!
  2. I love this photo so much.
  3. These jellyfish/airplants are so pretty.
  4. My husband would love these spring rolls.
  5. I have so many daydreams of buying an airstream and seeing the country.
  6. Can someone please name their baby Louella? Thanks.
  7. Cooool. You collaborate with bees.
  8. I really want our driveway to say something funny.
  9. Been reading all about being an INFJ this week. What’s your personality?
  10. People had regrets.
  11. Oops.
  12. How to live a happy life.
  13. Advice every women in her 20s should know.
  14. Two words: DOUGHNUT POPCORN & Doughnut glazes!
  15. This is a whole lot of inside information from couples.
  16. My dad always talks about Egg Creams. It’s time I make him one.
  17. Casey convinced me to buy a French Butter Crock it’s been a game changer. Thanks, Casey.
  18. Something fun to do in SF. I think we’re gonna go.
  19. I have major sister envy.
  20. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are my gateway drug.
  • Jemma

    Blogger Fat Mum Slim has a child called Luella!

    Also, I’m borderline ISFJ/INFJ. Now I know why my reaction to so much of what you say on the podcast is “Omg me too!”. Now I want to know what personality Joy is…

  • Jane M

    Even tho my hubs is a Type 1 and won’t go NEAR THE HAWAIIAN SWEET ROLLS, I’ve just got to try baking these! Lately I’ve been on a baking kick and my UPS driver is packing on the pounds! HAHA! So now I think I’ll have to have people in for dinner tomorrow to help share these rolls. Since today is FRIDAY, my UPS driver won’t be back until Monday and by then the rolls might be stale so I dinner party it is! THANKS for the suggestion Tracy!

  • Stacy

    I’m an INFJ/P (the J-P category is almost even for me), so I totally relate. I’m curious too about Joy’s M-B personality type. Totally a podcast topic.

  • Kim

    I’m in INFJ, too! *internet high-five* (because I’d be too shy to give you one in person)

  • Carina

    Those jellyfish plant photos are AMAZING! I am so fascinated by actual jellyfish. I can stare at them at the aquarium for hours. Maybe its the tendrils (??) going in all directions. I do not know… I just love this.

  • Stephanie Michiyo

    I’m an INFJ too! I love your Friday lists!

  • MIra C.

    I’ve also been super into Myers Briggs personality types recently! I’m ISFJ.

    Thank you for the great week, Tracy!

  • MIra C.

    And YES to Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Man those are good!

  • Celeste

    I look forward to this list every week, religiously!!!!

  • Maria

    I will happily make you a whole plate of carrot cake cookies:) Thanks for the love! xo

  • Adrianna

    Egg cream yesssss. Thanks for the shout, girlfriend! x

  • Alessandra @ the foodie teen

    I’m obsessed with your links as always, Tracy! I’m INFJ too 🙂

  • molly yeh


  • LORI

    Wow. A logician (INTP)? Really? Never would have guessed that of myself. Thanks for leading me to a deeper understanding of what makes me tick. Also… thanks for reminding me I have an empty butter bell on my counter. Had it for about ten years, and always forget it’s there. It may have some very old butter in it right now, although likely, it’s empty. And the crazy thing? It’s awesome! The crock totally keeps butter perfectly.

  • Danielle

    Yeaaah INFJ! Did you feel like it was accurate for you? It is creepily spot on for me.

  • erinlucy

    I’m INTJ. The results are creepy and not always how I like to imagine myself but totally spot on.
    I loved reading the regrets people have!

  • Abby

    I JUST REALIZED WE HAVE THE SAME TYPE! I’ve been reading forever and knew you were jazzed about the Meyers Briggs thing, but I glazed over your INFJ.

    High five.

  • Danielle Cohen

    Thanks so much for the shout out! We really do hope that you come to our Hayes Valley show on May 3rd.
    RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/shop-at-urban-air-market-hayes-valley-spring-tickets-15125792653

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