August 28, 2011

Check out Episodes 14 & 15!

In case you’ve missed it, there are new episodes of the Joy the Baker Podcast over at Homefries!

On Episode# 15: End of Summer Blowout, we discuss:

  • how to eat as much corn as possible
  • tights-aka sausage casings
  • our favorite recipes
  • gearing up for sweater season (we are in denial)
  • football season…and its impending doom (on our waistlines & relationships!)
  • we announce the winner for the Homefries U giveaway!

On Episode #14: We Are Not the Cool Kids, we discuss:

  • growing up
  • hypercolor clothing
  • doc martens
  • blossom (WHOA)
  • mood rings
  • talking gibberish
  • Cooper going to preschool!
  • why we are not/were not the cool kids

We also have a phone number! You can leave us a message & we might play it on Air!


Thanks for listening!

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