September 13, 2008

food fantasy actualized:

dreamed of a turkey meatloaf sandwich...then made it!

I parked myself on the couch this morning and watched some quality Food Network TV. I NEEDED to make myself a Turkey Meatloaf sandwich STAT.

The Turkey Meatloaf sandwich with onions, lettuce, ketchup & mustard I dreamed of came to fruition!
Food Fantasy actualized in above picture! Damn that feels good.

So at this point…baby room is about 99% done.

Freezer contains:
-4 bean burritos
-Turkey Meatloaf
-a Loaf of Sourdough Bread

I hope to add:
-Sausage Soup
-Curry Zucchini Soup
-Green Curry with Shrimp
-Banana Bread (or zucchini if I don’t get around to the soup part)

perhaps by the end of the week?

Thanks for the food suggestions!

  • Jessica

    I’ve been dreaming of meatloaf for weeks and I’m finally make some tonight! Making two smaller loaves and putting one in the freezer for later, so when the urge hits again I’ll be ready.

  • Amanda

    I’m thinking some pumpkin bread might need to be added in there. Just for a nice autumn treat 🙂

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