A day in the city

girl time!

Stars aligned yesterday and I was FINALLY able to meet one of my favorite people online- Miss James of Bleubird Vintage! She was out visiting from TX, so my favorite gal pal, Alex (from Modern Kiddo!) and I spent the WHOLE day with her yesterday. We all had SUCH a blast!

Here’s what our day looked like:

Our cameras were OUT all day long! Hi Miss James.

camera battle

We all shared a pitcher of Sangria at CHA CHA CHA on Haight.


We ordered a ton of TAPAS!! Chicken paillard, fried new potatoes, mushrooms, tortillas & guac!


I got to meet Aubrey & Gemma! They’re so sweet!

aubrey & birdie

And after our lunch we walked to Golden Gate Park where we hung out in the shade & chilled.

Aubrey climbed a tree, we watched a girl hula hoop &  spied crazy hippy lady twirling a baton…all while enjoying the beautiful SF weather.

Here’s Alex with her ADORABUNS son, Wolfie. He let me touch his hair 🙂

Wolfie & Cooper hit it off! Well…Cooper was kind of obsessed with Wolfie. He loves older kids.

Seeing those two boys together makes me super happy! I can’t wait for another play date!

Here’s us girls. Hello!

And then the three of us had some GIRL time. No kids. Just US. It felt super decadent….

kinda like these macarons!

We made are way around Fillmore Street & stopped in Jonathan Adler’s store just so I could drool…

I want all of this:

I want these:

This pillow was pretty awesome:

These pillows rocked my world:

This totally could be a corner in my bedroom….

How cool is this setup??

We stopped in a cute kid’s store called Mudpie. This little boy’s outfit is so charming!

And then we made our way to dinner at Pizzeria Delfina!

We started off with the Insalata Tricolore- radicchio, arugula & endive with Parm!

And then we all split two pizzas. The prosciutto arugula pizza with white sauce & a margherita pizza!

So so SOOOO good.

And how could I forget the Blood Orange Mimosas???

I also made some goodies for us to share.  Tessy’s Banana Bread & Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies!

What a fun day!

Thank you ladies for a spectacular time! And a BIG thank you to the husbands who let us INDULGE in some girl time by watching the kids 🙂

Check out James’ post & Alix’s post from our SWEET DAY!

  • Alix

    Um, i LOVED our day……and why oh why did i not take another cookie with meee???? Mmmm. I’m placing an order!

    • Tracy

      i was actually thinking about that when i left you at BART. COOKIES!! I’ll make you some. Promise.

  • cathy

    French Macaroons!! I never tried them but they look so good 😛 Beautiful pictures!!

  • Krafty Keely

    My sister lives right near the Fillmore neighborhood in San Fran, I love visiting her cause I love her and I LOVE the city! I’m going out in October and could not be more excited!

    Looks like you all had a wonderful day!

    • Tracy

      Oooh how fun! Perfect time of year too! That’s when we are experiencing our “Indian Summer!”

  • At Anna's Kitchen Table

    Sounds like you all had an awesome day.
    Family, food, friends and shopping! what’s not to like.

  • miss james

    soo soooooo much fun! and alix… i’m eating a cookie right now. muahahahahaha! and this morning i the banana bread! 😉 LOVE you girlies so much.

  • Katrina

    So fun! Those macarons look amazing!

  • Megan

    Looks like the best day! I’m glad you guys could all meet up.

  • Monica

    You guys hit up some of my favorite spots 🙂 except I couldn’t figure out where the macarons were from…La Boulange? I’m obsessed with macarons and am always on the look out for more spots in SF.

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  • Ginny

    i want the bug and the banana pillow….

  • melanie

    wow. wow. color me jealous on multiple levels. what fun! i love how social media can bring like-minded cool peeps together. thanks for sharing your day with us. you know, Boulder CO is pretty swank …. #justsayin

  • erin

    ummm. are those top sandals from free people? i envy them. yep.

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  • Shawna Greenway

    Did you take the kids to the Children’s Park in GGP? Best.Park.EVER. I made the mistake of taking my son there a few weeks ago and now whenever it’s park time (everyday is park time!) he asks to go there. And we live in the East Bay so he is disappointed every day. Poor little guy.

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