Father’s Day Weekend 2011

This is the menu for Father’s Day, except I substituted the asparagus with green beans!

But let’s rewind. Let me begin by telling you that we spent the weekend with my parents. It was a nice little getaway. It was a totally relaxing Eat-a-thon. What else is new?

On Friday, we quickly busted into my Dad’s Father’s Day gift the second we arrived. My Dad, Casey & I LOOOVED the Piccante & the Sopressata best! My dad was HOOKED. I think I heard him tell my Mom at least three times that she needs to pick some up when she goes grocery shopping next. Creminelli. Do it.

dad's loot

We went out to dinner Friday night. I saw this on the ground. I laughed.

061611 (2)

Casey worked late. Cooper said hello to a cop. My dad & I drank beers and we all had pizza.

I was stuffed. I think it’s because of the beer. Not because I ate half a pizza. Pizza NEVER makes me feel full.


Woke up Saturday morning & hung with my mom while she worked on her crossword puzzle.

Had coffee in one of my favorite mugs from my childhood.

Found this in the box of crayons Cooper was playing with. That’s so my brother.

061611 (6)

Here’s Cooper drinking out of a cup. He didn’t even put his hand in it ONCE. Proud of him!

061611 (7)

I made a new game. It was totally effective.

061611 (9)

My mom & I went shopping. I bought these awesome shoes that were on SALE!

Then we sat outside and drank wine. Here’s the aftermath.

061611 (8)

I made pie crust with unsalted butter. Still not convinced, Joy.

061611 (10)

Then Casey & I had date night in Sausalito at Le Garage Bistro. My dad gave us a bottle of wine!

061611 (11)

We had the best bread. EVER EVER EVER!!! Too bad we ordered food.

061611 (12)

Crab stuffed squash blossoms with some tomatoes & pesto. Hello!! Delicious.

061611 (13)

A lobster, corn, peach, tarragon & butter lettuce salad. Tasted like summer!

061611 (14)

We saw the sunset. We also saw a boat named the Offshore Whore. That was awesome.


I order mussels & fries because I simply COULD NOT RESIST. Casey had duck. I totally called that one.

061611 (15)

And we finished the night with a Strawberry Rhubarb Tart with creme fraiche. It’s fun being adults.

061611 (16)

This morning I made a charred corn salad for our Father’s Day Lunch/Dinner.

I felt like my grandma, sitting down while chopping. It’s weird using a knife while sitting down. No like.

This is the reason why I skipped dinner tonight. Blueberry & Peach Galette!

061611 (18)

I made ribs, green bean salad, charred corn salad & garlic bread (on the grill!) for dinner.

That charred corn salad was AWESOME. I’ll post the recipe soon!

061611 (19)

Zinfandel goes soo well with ribs. My dad hooks us up YET AGAIN.

061611 (20)

And we dove right into that galette with some whipped cream for dessert.

061611 (21)

I was able to catch a few sweet moments with my phone. Here’s Casey & Cooper reading a book.

And here’s my dad walking with Cooper. <3

Happy Father’s Day to Casey & my Dad! You two are the greatest.

  • brownsuagarandbacon

    i made the berry galette with strawberries + blueberries for fathers day. the verdict? awesomeness. merci beaucoup for the deliciousness!

  • Ethan

    looks like a fun day was had by everyone! That cucumber drawing game looked pretty entertaining, I think you should name it. And we’re all proud of you for trying to bake with unsalted butter.

  • Janet

    I want to eat all these things and go shopping with you. K thx.

  • erinlucy

    you are so funny. i like you

  • mary kate winkelspecht

    that galette looks delicious! im going to have to try that sometime soon.

  • Marci

    Had to comment on the shoes! I just bought these a few weeks ago. I was intrigued by the teal color. And they are so comfy! A little higher than I usually wear, but l just walk slower 😉 Looks like you had a wonderful family weekend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos – as always, I love your posts. 😀

  • Nicole

    Sounds wonderful!! I made my first galette last summer and I am so hooked. I made a peach and blackberry galette twice and made a strawberry one that rocked my world. OH YES. I love these adorable restaurants you go to!!! P.S. My Mom is always on her deck in the summer with her crossword books, ha!

    • Tracy

      Haha! Moms with crossword addictions.

      What I love about a galette, is that you can make a THICK THICK crust. That’s my favorite part of pie. That…and it’s SOOO EASY.

  • Vanessa

    Looks like a fabulous weekend!! I’ve been seriously craving stuffed squash blossoms!! That dish looks so good. That galette look amazing! Cooper is adorable. The end.

  • Megan

    That weekend looks like the most fun. I love the shoes and your skirt looks like it’s awesome too!

    Now I just want ribs and pizza and beer and pie.

  • tiffany | live happy

    Such a sweet post, and what a crazy fun, delicious weekend! I think I must check out that restaurant STAT. Also, I must say, your galette is quite fetching!

  • cindy

    oooh! another galette! yes!

    i use unsalted butter for sure. if i use it on toast or something i sprinkle it with some sea salt…it’s delicious. my husband, Sean, will without fail order duck if it is on a menu. also, all that wine is awesome. and, your shoes are awesome too!

    What a fun weekend!

  • Katrina

    Great looking weekend! Love the shoes, btw 🙂

  • Robyn

    i was laughing so hard while listening to the latest podcast when joy said “oh you’re one of those people” about your use of unsalted butter. i use salted butter all the time too! i bought unsalted once a few years ago and i hated the cookies i baked with it. they weren’t salty enough!!! so i’m glad we feel the same way. shall we start a club?

    • Tracy

      Thank you! You make me feel sane. Salted butter just TASTES better. Let’s totally start a club.

  • Amanda Barkey

    what a great weekend, the pictures are so sweet! AH-mazing food!!!

  • One in a Brazilian

    Offshore Whore. Ha!

    I love the cucumber game. Very creative.

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    What an amazing weekend! I love your photography! 🙂

  • Maria

    Fathers day in Portugal is on the 19th March. Don’t know if it’s the same in the rest of europe

  • JenMarie

    Lovely photos! The galette looks yummmmy.
    I especially love your ‘fun with food’ games with Cooper. My daughter is 8, but it would still crack her up if I did this. Totally trying it with stuff she doesn’t think she likes.

  • Darcee

    Scrolling down, reading and perusing your pictures…….wait…..is that a bandaid you’re using as a bookmark?? If it is, I have totally done that in a pinch!!! Great post, looks as if you and your favorite men had a wonderful weekend. And the weather here in the Bay area was perfect!!

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