Broder- Portland, Oregon

I’m baaaaack! There’s TOO much to tell you; I don’t even know where to start!  My batteries are finally recharged but I’m kinda having a hard time getting back to reality. So much laundry to catch up on, a toddler with a temperature and sooo much to unpack. It will get done. Yes, Tracy. It will get done. Tonight I was looking through my pictures, thinking… How do I even start? What do I tell you first??!

Why don’t we just start at the beginning? That seems like the best idea.

I flew to Portland, Oregon on Wednesday and had lunch with my dear friend Jessica & her adorable daughter. A few months ago, she took a few snapshots of her breakfast at Broder and I was intrigued by all of the cute dishware!  I put in a request to go there for our lunch because I had to see one of their egg skillets in person. What a treat!  The food was tasty and I thought of Megan the whole time. Have you been, Megan? I bet you have & I bet you had a good time.

There were soo many cute details! Let’s take a look:

Here’s the menu. They gave us little silverware bundles wrapped up in napkins with twisty ties to keep them shut.

Cute idea. Noted.

Here’s the view from my seat. So many fun things to look at!

They steam milk in a cute little jar for coffees (not pictured). How could I not take a photo of it?!!

Let me tell you that steamed milk in a coffee is heaven. A whole new level, folks.

Here’s my buddy Claire playing with the cool glasses. Isn’t she the CUTEST?

We started with the ableskiver. It caught my eye the second I saw the menu. They’re served with lingonberry jam & lemon curd. It’s pretty much heaven.


I ordered the Swedish meatballs. Are you thinking of IKEA? Don’t. Even. Different league. Totally.

swedish meatballs

They were served with walnut toast, lingonberry jam, sauteed greens & pickled beets & cucumbers.

I was happy. Very very happy. I’ve decided I’m going to pickle some beets. Do you do it? Tell me about it!

My friend ordered one of the baked egg dishes. Look at that little skillet! It’s got a handle mitt!

Look at all of these awesome colors together. I had to take a picture.

This is the meal that fueled my 2 hour drive to the coast for the retreat. I rented a car on my own for the first time in my life; it felt very grown up!

More soon…I’m busy photo editing!

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