October 28, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean.com

Welcome to I love lists- It’s Friday! Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. Thank you for the tips, Ina!
  2. I’ve always wanted a cheetah coat.
  3. This is so flipping sweet.
  4. If you wanna be a zombie for Halloween this year, here’s how to do the makeup.
  5. This hotel is gorgeous. 
  6. This chipotle aioli would be so good with crispy smashed potatoes.
  7. I’m such an INFJ. A reader lead me to this and I love it.
  8. This van made me LOL.
  9. Currently refreshing my living room. Loved reading this post – this one too!
  10. This body is great. I defer to reality and order whatever size fits me best.
  11. A new Anthony Bourdain interview if you’re looking for one.
  12. This is relaxing.
  13. I had no idea.
  14. Way to go, France!
  15. Can’t wait to visit maj.
  16. Currently into this website: Motherwell
  17. 13 Rules of Female Friendships
  18. I would do this…but in black & grays
  19. My friend Sarah James wrote about Bullet Journals. Check  this out too!
  20. Kittens illustrated! Also more cats. 
  21. I love this perspective.
  22. Please say there will be a hot toddy in your weekend.
  • Jemma

    Tracy I really love that you’re using a typewriter now, as typewriting is one of my newest passions. I already do a lot of letter-writing and this has taken it to the next level.

    May I ask which typewriter you use? And how have you typed white onto black paper? (You blew my mind, there).

    I look forward to seeing more typewritten notes. 😀

  • Jamie

    Chipotle aioli + sweet potato fries = mind-blowingly good. = )

  • Anne

    Always enjoy your Friday List – laughed when my little country made an appearance on your list – number 8 – funny thing is that most of us never knew about the bus before it went viral on the internet outside Denmark, but then again there are many yellow busses here

  • Rianna

    Hi Tracy! Looking out for this post made me realise I had accidentally unsubscribed from your emails when I was printing out some of your recipes I’d saved. I’ll be fixing that up right now!

    Reading your links list is one of my favourite Saturday morning rituals; I come home from the farmers market, sit down with a drink and ease into my weekend. I do a similar thing at the end of the weekend with your Everyday Life posts.

    Thanks for sharing your love of food, cats and all things pretty with those of us who love them, too.

  • Diane

    Hi Tracy!

    I haven’t been receiving your emails this week. I thought I may have accidentally unsubscribed but when trying to subscribe again, I’m told my email is already subscribed. Sheesh, how many times can I write subscribe

    Don’t want miss your posts. I love lists is my FAV!

  • Katharina

    Hi Tracy, great list, as always!

    I watched the new Jim Jarmusch movie “Paterson” at the Vienna Film festival and immediately had to think of you – I think you will love how they styled the house, especially the color combination 😉

  • Simone

    Hi Tracy,

    Like Diane (in her message from 10/29), I also noticed that I haven’t been getting your emails- last post I received was on 10/21. I tried to sign up again this morning, but feedburner said I was subscribed already. So I unsubscribed & then signed up again. Not a big deal, but it looks like I’m not the only one that stopped getting email posts, so I thought you might want a head’s up. 🙂

  • barbara

    Headed to Tahoe for a mom’s weekend, introducing the rest of them to your Toddy’s can’t wait!

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