Stomach Bug: Day 6

mr. stomach bug

Poor Mr. Cooper has been sick all week with a nasty stomach bug. Something has been going around. Did you get it? Gosh I hope not!  There’s not much eating going on here as a result. But today, the clouds have lifted! Literally. We’re seeing some sun, and Cooper is FINALLY EATING. Can’t tell you how much it pains me to see a boy who LOVES his food, turn it away. Thank goodness there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.


This week I am thankful for:

Spare sheets! If you are going to have a child, make sure you stock up on extra sheets & mattress pads! You’ll be so happy that you thought ahead when you have to change sheets at 3am!

finally eating!

I’m thankful for Yo Gabba Go! Cars & Toy Story….and Nick Jr.


I’m thankful for all of the cuddle time with Cooper. He’s usually a high energy, physical, independent & active kid so it was nice to be able to chill out in bed with him. It definitely balanced out all the mess this mama had to clean up!


I’m thankful for the help of others! Especially from my husband!


I’m thankful that Cooper ate two bowls of oatmeal and two bananas this morning!

sp happy to be eating again!

Let’s hope it doesn’t pass right through him! Cross your fingers.

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