Our Sunday Adventure!

roaring camp

We wanted to do something different today…something that would take up a large chunk of the day and take advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having in the Bay Area. Casey suggested we go to Roaring Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The last time he went was on a field trip as a kid! Cooper and I were totally down to ride a steam engine train!  Here’s what we saw:

There’s a little “town” at the grounds. I loved looking at all of the old- timey fonts on the signs.

cute sign

Cooper & Casey boarded the train…..


And took their seats!

getting excited!

Cooper was soo excited to be riding a train through the tall redwood forest!


Here’s our tickets.

cooper inspects them

Here’s Kent the conductor collecting our tickets! Cooper kept looking for him throughout the ride.

collecting our tickets!

Look at that big trunk behind Cooper and I!

me & coops

I liked watching my boys have fun. They both got excited when the train puffed it’s steam.

my boyz

Not a bad view, huh?


We stopped for a few minutes at the top of Bear Mountain. I found a few pine cones.


Cooper found two sticks and made a “drum set.”

makeshift drums

EVERYTHING turned into drums during our break.

standing on a log that cooper drums on

Here’s the train we were on!! STEAM POWERED!


We got to look up close! Then we continued our ride.


And here we are coming to the end of the ride!


We poked around in the gift shop where I tried on a train conductor hat and Cooper played with trains.

Look at how cute all of these candies are!  I loved this display.

Isn’t this sign adorable? I love how it says DEE-licious!

We walked to our car and encountered a field of yellow daisies.


Cooper loved running around there.

hi cooper!

He wanted us to chase him.

getting so big!

So we drove a little and ended up at Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Cellar Door Cafe for lunch.

i liked the view

The adults had a glass of wine.

wine time!

We split fried Brussels Sprouts with goat cheese. Cooper thought they were kale chips & ate a ton.

fried brussels sprouts with goat cheese

We had smelts with pickled citrus that had vanilla beans in it.


Cooper snacked on some dried mangoes!

mango lover

It’s one of his favorites right now.

blurry goodness

And we all shared the most amazing pizza! It had cippolini onions, bacon, ricotta & a fried egg on top!


Then we drove home….

on the way home!

And totally crashed. I don’t remember the last time I took an afternoon nap. It felt so good!

  • Jennifer P.

    what a wonderful sunday!

  • Glenn

    Next Sunday:
    Fairyland trip.
    Has Cooper ever been? I worked there years ago as a personality, and it’s still one of my absolute favorite East Bay spots.

    • Tracy

      NOOOO!!!! But we used to go when we were kids! I should totally take him. What character were you??

      • Glenn

        I was in a few shows, but often dressed as Peter Pan. I didn’t have green shoes though so I wore my battered red Converse All Stars. Most nineties looking Peter ever.

  • rebecca

    wow looks like a perfect family day out adorable pictures of your son my daughter would love it

  • Lookwhaticndo

    What a great day!!!! Today was Soren’s Birthday!!!
    It was really fun!! We went into the city and
    Walked around Greenlake, hit the playground, Goodwill, went to Top Ten toys ( Birthday $$)and the kids had Pizza!!!
    You are gorgeous btw

    • Tracy

      Happy Birthday to Soren!! I can’t believe he is THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! What?!!!

      p.s.- yer making me blush! Thank you 🙂

  • stef

    never been there but totally putting it on the list for the coming months!! the kids and Tim love the trains 🙂 thanks for the adventure ~ xoxo

  • ursula

    What a fun day! Reading that was almost like reading a kids book, haha. You should totally write a kids book! How fun.


    OMG – Cooper is adorable!

    This is for sure going on our list of places to visit. We’re not doing any weekend trips until we get the veg garden planted. Hopefully this weekend it will be done!!

  • holly

    how fun! i was just at bonny doon vineyard yesterday also (!!!), but we didnt eat, just did the tastings!! but our server was telling us ALL ABOUT the brussel sprouts. must try them next time 🙂

  • Danielle Hampton

    Oh my word, your family is adorable. Without fail, your posts always inspire me. I’m so happy you had a wonderful weekend- I love how these photos tell that story!

    Happy Monday!<3

  • Vanessa

    Aw this looks so fun! Cooper is AD-OR-ABLE. I love the picture of him with the mangoes and the “drum set”. 🙂

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