April 17, 2015

I love lists, Friday!



  1. I love that it’s so easy to make homemade watercolors for kids.
  2. Some wise words from Jeni Britton. 
  3. Chicken & Dumplings going on the TO DO list.
  4. My friend Jen makes the coolest things. Love these mugs.
  5. I love reading what technology people use to manage their lives.
  6. A portrait in a portrait in a portrait in a portrait…
  8. Advice on how not to be rude- retail wise!
  9. What the White House looked like completely gutted.
  10. Photographic proof that we need to be better to the environment.
  11. If you’re moving here are some tips to make the endeavor easier.
  12. 9 Rules of Swearing for My Children– thought this was really good.
  13. This 86 year old woman is getting some Instagram fame. 🙂
  14. MMMMM. Sesame Steak Salad.
  15. Why I love BLACK ROOMS.
  16. I know I’ve said this a bunch of times but I think I’m gonna finally make kombucha.
  17. A tasty recipe with strawberries. YUM.
  18. Things you will never get used to as an adult. This is all too real.
  19. Palm Springs love. Here and here.
    1. I wish my teacher knew:
  20. Time’s 100 Most Influential People— I love seeing who wrote the blurb for each person.
  21. Bon Appetit’s very opinionated guide to weddings.
  • Rachel

    I love “I love lists Friday”!! I love list days on blogs in general, but your’s are always the best. I mean it! They are a wonderful mix of things that make me think (pictures of environmental destruction) and things that make me laugh (cat plants?!!) Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  • Abby

    Great links, as per usual. Have a fab weekend, Tracy! <3

  • Jane M

    My hubs and I took a vacay in Palm Springs – 3 years ago – well La Quinta – WE.LOVE.IT.THERE.! Wish we could go RETIRE there some day :)! AAAAAH a girl can DREAM!

  • marci

    Tracy – thank you! As always, reading this on Fridays is a treat. I think your friend is going to see an uptick of activity on her Etsy site! And since I have All free and clear at home as well as a lot of food coloring, I think I know what my next craft project will be. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • Morgan

    Re Kombucha: DO IT! After the first round (wherein I meticulously sanitized everything and washed my hands every 30 seconds), it’s become an easy 20-minute-a-week habit. I’ve got a whole family tree of scobys if you need one!

  • Ross

    Gosh, this is such a fun and pretty web site. Thanks

  • Georgina

    Oh my god that list of things you will never get used to as an adult is like the little voice inside my head! Especially the Taylor Swift one, I’m always like “oh my god she’s nearly thirty, holy mother that means I’m even closer to thirty!!” Brill post 🙂

  • aida mollenkamp

    Great list, T and thanks for sharing our tartlets! xo

  • Katrina

    I LOVE these Friday lists! Of all the blogs who do a weekly links round up, yours is by far my favourite.

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