February 7, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

It’s Monday. Sigh…

I’m totally daydreaming about this past weekend. I wish it was still Sunday!

Over the weekend I got to show off my freshly painted toenails & wear some flip flops!

The weather was in the 70s here in the Bay Area! It felt like summer!

On Saturday morning, I made an olive oil/walnut/orange cake for breakfast! Cooper thought it was his birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to him. He got a little shy, but then totally loved it! He spent the whole weekend looking for more cake and asking about it. I caught him reaching up on the kitchen counter for some! Naughty!

Because it was totally beer weather, we went out for Mexican food after we played at the park!


I enjoyed a gorgeous sunset after doing a lil girl shopping at Anthropologie.

Picked up two shirts on sale! Score! Tried on a dress that I thought I’d love but- BOO!

It didn’t work out for me.

Came home and had a few cocktails….

for a virtual GIRL’S NIGHT/video chat with a Alex, James & Jenny!

It was so much fun!

Casey & I watched The Social Network later that night. It was actually really good!

On Sunday, I went over to a Whitney’s house for an AWESOME brunch!

She made a potato & Brussels sprout hash with a fried egg, a side of bacon, and TASTY BISCUITS (I had 3) with some scrumptious jams a friend of hers sent her.

I spied a little  Frecklewonder pitcher in her kitchen! Hee hee! Awesome!

Last night we hung out with the neighbors and did NOT watch the Super Bowl.

I made us a scrumptious salad for dinner with some sourdough toast.

We saved about 3000 calories on Sunday by avoiding all the Super Bowl food. Cooper kept saying “Super Hole.” Haha! I love my boy! We watched our Sunday TV lineup (Shameless, Episodes, Californication & Big Love). I love Sunday TV. I also love having the windows open in our house & smelling the fresh air!

Spring is coming!

  • Kristina @MouthFromTheSouth.com

    “Spring is coming!” From your mouth to God’s ears! What a lovely weekend you had – I’m jealous!

  • Jessica

    Super Hole! You have a good life. 🙂

  • Rocio

    Ah! That last Super Hole salad looks awesome! What is it??

  • zara

    what a rad sunday!! all of it, so fun 🙂

    super unexpected question: are your pointer and middle toes a little bit webbed? i’m asking because mine are, hehe.. and i wasn’t sure if it was just a shadow orrrrrr…

    but in the 70’s, lucky.

  • stacy

    Would you be willing to share what’s in that salad? – It looks DELISH and I could use a new salad recipe (I’ve tried lots of your other ones-yum) xo

    • Tracy


      Romaine lettuce, sprouts, navy beans, red pepper, some parmesan, avocado & Israeli couscous! All with a little red wine vinaigrette.

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