And the winner is….

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in The Blue Chair Giveaway! I LOOOOVED hearing what your favorite summer foods are. You made me SUPER SUPER HUNGRY and excited for the warm months ahead. I’m soo impressed! I personally can’t wait for corn on the cob, berry pies, jams & Caprese salad with grilled bread! I’m also excited to grill salmon on a cedar plank (which I’ve never done before!) Basically- I’m EXCITED about eating outdoors & drinking fancy schmancy cocktails. Wait! Tomatoes! I forgot about tomatoes! Those too.

So Amanda Barkey, you’re the winner!  Tender lettuces with freshly torn herbs & buttermilk dill dressing?! SWOON is RIGHT! What are you gonna do with your marmalades?? Tell me!

  • A Plum By Any Other Name

    If my house was burning, I’d probably grab that cookbook before barreling towards the exit. I recently made her rhubarb kumquat jam and it’s perfection. Peanut butter and jelly has never had it so good. I’ve got my eye on farmers’ market cherries next …

    • Amanda Barkey

      yay! I am THRILLED! CANT WAIT to make me some JAMS!!! I am heading up to Canada in a few weeks to visit my family where I grew up (In the berry capital of Canada) and I will be bringing this beautiful book with me! There will me some jam making going on this summer- that is a sure thing! @ A Plum By Any Other Name: Rhubarb Kumquat? Sounds delish! If that is any indication of what lays ahead of me I REALLY cant wait.

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