January 12, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday. Let’s see what’s up on the internet this week:

  1. Here’s a feel good food plan if you’re looking for one this month.
  2. I suppose the photos from drones are sometimes worth how annoying they are.
  3. Millenials are not grocery shopping anymore.
  4. What’s hurting kids.
  5. No gifts, please.
  6. Get your finances in order.
  7. Here’s a Bob Ross rabbit hole for you.
  8. Grieving in the New Year.
  9. Whoa, Ikea.
  10. Nut’nola looks like something I’d enjoy for sure.
  12. This dress makes me miss summer
  13. These vegetarian Swedish meatballs look awesome.
  14. Whole Foods looks empty
  15. I found this amusing.
  16. We all die eventually. This is true.
  17. This makes me want to redo our master bathroom SO BAD.
  18. How you see the world if you’re colorblind.
  19. Epic kitchen fails.
  20. Weekend reading: Wisdom of Sundays
  21. We’re improving ourselves to death.
  22. This makes me pretty happy we moved out of Silicon Valley
  23. Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas from yours truly.

have a great weekend!

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