My Everyday Life: Week 13

Here’s what this past week looked like:

There’s a good story behind this one…

my everyday life: week 13

I was driving home from work playing a little Russian Roulette with my gas tank. I decided to stop and get gas before I left and it took FOREVER to get back on track to the freeway. I was in a WHHHHHY ME? kind of mood and then I turned down an alley and at the end this was waiting for me. A BIG T made out of tees! Proof that patience pays off.

my everyday life: week 13

Using my grandma’s polenta board & my scarf for my Mom’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

mom's sour cream coffee cake

Here’s a little view of the ingredient shot from that post.

my everyday life: week 13

This smoothie was SOOO green until I added the frozen berries. It turned brown in an instant.  Boo.

my everyday life: week 13

This week’s flower arrangement.

my everyday life: week 13

This lady be blazin’

my everyday life: week 13

Coffee with the neighbor. I brought over my Vegan Thumbprint cookies.

my everyday life: week 13

My age. I keep thinking I’m 33.

my everyday life: week 13

Highlight of the week for Cooper. Frozen Yogurt Dots!

frozen yogurt dots

Sourdough toast with marinara, red peppers, onions, sausage, mushrooms & mozzarella.

my everyday life: week 13

I bought the wrong kinda beans for our espresso machine. It was French press/coffee cake week instead.

my everyday life: week 13

Making an herbal iced tea.

my everyday life: week 13

My favorite little flower bush outside work.

my everyday life: week 13

Cooper is getting better at tracing.

my everyday life: week 13

A mushroom tartlet that I must recreate.

my everyday life: week 13

The crispiest hash browns EVER. Breakfast with the hubs on a week day <3

my everyday life: week 13

The most amazing view from 3 Fish Studios.

my everyday life: week 13

Creative Business lady meeting.

my everyday life: week 13

We spent Sunday morning at the Emergency Clinic with Cooper. Someone had a high temperature and complained of ear pain. What we thought was an ear infection was just a bunch of ear wax.

my everyday life: week 13


my everyday life: week 13

Also- this is Cooper’s ROCK & ROLL face.

my everyday life: week 13

  • Katy Riddle

    Cooper is SO rock and roll!!!

    PS. Love the cartoon-style photos for the frozen yoghurt-drops post

    PPS. Check you out working that blazer! Some definite #blazerlove going on…x

  • Jessica Ann

    I have made those vegan thumbprint cookies and they were the BOMB! (I am not a vegan PS). Also, I have just started a new job where I need to look “smart” and the blazer is goign to be an important part of that, since it fancifies anything you put it over.

  • laura

    ladies be blazin! love it.

  • Tida

    I really admire your life, Tracy. It looks wonderful!
    Oh, and where did you get your sweet blazer?

  • Jane M

    Question. The couch in the TV /Mad Men photo looks like it is not facing the TV. How do you watch TV? The cat looks very cozy also! Just curious. Love the T shirt on the building photo. Wish I was 32 – again – gaaaaaaaaaah! Kinda jealous.

  • Joannabee

    Tracy Shutterbean Benjamin-o!! You are a Paesan! My grandmother had that polenta board too! Now I have it. It also played a prominent role in the little mound of flour with a well in the middle waiting to accept the cracked egg when ravioli was in our future. And it was the stage for the amazingly thin and crisp crust that cradled her spinach, bacon and cream cheese torta! Did your Nonna have a 3-foot rolling pin too? My sis has that! I LOVE your blog and podcasts..especially your everyday life. Keep up the great work!

    • Tracy

      YES!!!!!!! It was such a right of passage. My grandma gave it to me when she moved back to New York. She does have a rolling pin but one thing that she has that’s EXTRA special is a metal serving spoon that has a very small handle. It’s amazing.

      Thank you so much for your support! I’m so glad you are here!

  • Julie

    You, in no way, look 32.

  • erin

    love this series! and that cooper is a lefty.

  • Kelley

    Hey, we have the same picture wall with different people in our pictures! Also, I think weekday breakfast or lunch with the hubby is so awesome. Such a rare and treasured treat. Glad to see you had a good week!

  • Rafaela

    I always read your blog but never commented….I have to tell you: Cooper is the most beautiful kid that I know, I love to see his pictures. Congratulations, your son is adorable! ;D

  • Amanda

    I love your picture of dinner with Cooper and Casey ‘in it’ 🙂 Great shot!

  • Christina

    I want those hashbrowns asap. The crispy crunchies are totally the best part! I also love Cooper’s rock-n-roll face. Now he just needs some KISS makeup and a fake earring. Future Halloween costume?

  • Tiffanie

    I love seeing that you shoot on the floor sometimes! It’s funny what we need to do to get the right light, although daylight savings has made things a little easier for me lately.

    Super jelly of your creative business lady meeting! I could use some more of that in my life. I recently attended an incredible art workshop where I met a bunch of likeminded ladies, I’m hoping that continues into something long lasting. It’s going strong online in a Facebook group, but I’d love to have more meetups and collaborations. Good for you!

    Thumbs up for 3fish and Mad Men, too! 🙂

  • Lori from a family's life

    I’m loving Mad Men being back!!!

  • Amy Powell

    That giant T is amazing! so pretty!
    and yay for Mad Men! Can’t wait for episode 2 tonight 🙂

  • Simone

    Once again a great week had by you! I’m going to try those yoghurt dots, I hope my bubba will like them as much as Cooper.

    That sourdough toast looks amazing!

  • Laura / lem_monade

    I so love your polenta board and all the cooking history being alive in heirlooms like that.

    I don’t have an italian Nonna but I do have a beautiful big wooden board, where I love to roll out pizza crust, make ravioli, etc. I feel like tonight I need to pour some completely sping-unlike polenta con i friccioli (greaves) on it – thank you for the inspiration!

  • Allison

    I LOVE YOUR WINE GLASSES. Where did you get them?

    • Tracy

      It’s called a Riedel Vinum XL (Oregon) Pinot Noir glass. Casey got it at a place called K&L ( It’s $19.99 per stem. (we have one)

  • laura k

    I always think I’m a year older than I am. It’s weird. I will be 33 in a few months, and I’m sure by September I’ll already be accidentally telling people I’m 34. It’s an affliction.

    PS – Thanks for the reminder that sometimes great surprises come out of frustrating, impatient moments. That T of tees is awesome.

  • courtneylaurel

    Hi! Just to let you know [love the blazers, but] when you say you’re “blazin'”, it really does sound like you’ve been smoking weed. Hehe.

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  • Rachael

    Love the post! and your blazer! Cooper is super cute – love his rock and roll face! – hope he’s all better now!

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