April 20, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Look at this black bean & lemon sour cream sauce sitch. Whatta craving!
  2. Fry pie! It’s fun to say. Especially when strawberries & blood oranges are involved.
  3. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. I can’t even tell you how much this excites me. Look at that egg. LOOK AT IT.
  4. I love what Lisa says about having a full plate.
  5. This Breaking Bad gag reel is tiding me over until next season. Hilare.
  6. Spicy California Roll on a rice cake! GENIUS.
  7. New words for internet friends. I’m SUPERFOND of Helen Jane, natch.
  8. Wallpaper? Who needs wallpaper when you have two crazy talented parents!?!
  9. Modern Kiddo is giving away a Kate Spade bag. I wanna win!
  10. HONEY!!!  I think I need that honey jar….#6!
  11. I always love reading Katie & Bri’s ADVICE.
  12. Imagine a fried egg sandwiched in between one of these jalapeno cheddar scones. YES.
  13. I might have to board this lavender lip train! So pretty, Ashley!
  14. Imagine if your dad was this is clever. I love the Super Mario Bros. one!
  15. Henri, Paw de Duex.  Merci, chat, merci.



Check out the Joy the Baker podcast episode #46: Tiers of Tears! We give another shout out to T-flo (WHO TWEETED US!). We go over your blazer homework (you are awesome) AND we talk about earballs. What the?

This week on High Straightenence I give you my tips & tricks on How to Stay Organized in the Kitchen (while you’re baking & cooking). Yeah…I’m guilty of making lots messes in the kitchen.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I’ll be emailing you soon, Autumn!

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