My Everyday Life: Week 22

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Dirty car window…and hair up in a ponytail!! I’m growing my hair out right now. I’m not sure why. My horoscope told me not to make any drastic changes to my hair in June. I’m not sure if I can survive.


This is how I see the world.

My friend Maryam has the best wrist candy, huh?

These lights always reminded me of nostrils.

This is my mom’s table. We’re using it for awhile.  I’m straight up OBSESSED with the light here.

So this is breakfast before the sun comes up over the hill.

Sun comes up over the hill.

And this is what happens. It gets BRIGHTER and BRIGHTER. We never had much sunlight in my old kitchen.

I made that Mango Apple Salad this week.

And put some of the leftover sugared lime zest on pineapples & blueberries. It was AWESOME.

I started putting my cookbooks away.

Dinner for one. Reading a magazine….ahhhhhhh. Quiet.

It’s weird having shutters. I like the shadows in the afternoon.

If I turn around from the computer right now, this is my view. So woodsy!

ON or NO?

This dude thought I was weird. He’s not wrong.

An interesting color combo on my commute to work. We’ve been driving Cooper to his old preschool (it’s temporary). It takes about an hour and a half to get there. It’s made me a bit grumpy. But! He’ll be going to his new one soon, so that’s good.

Also…FOG. Which house would you live in?

I’m getting him to drink from jars early on in his life.


Taco dinner night!!!

We live right down the street from one of my best friends who I’ve known since 7th grade! It’s awesome.

This is the kitchen…I unpacked most of it this week. This was the point where I had to remind myself that it gets worse before it gets better. Phew. It looks much better now.



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