My Everyday Life: Week 29

Here’s what this past week looked like:

I want this sign. Scissors included. Pretzel? Totally!

myeverydaylife 115


My mom made the peanut butter cake from The Joy The Baker Cookbook.

Bonkers awesome, naturally.

myeverydaylife 120

This week I made my Simple Caesar Salad. Such a good one!

myeverydaylife 119

When I’m out on a walk in the morning all the dry grass blows back & forth.

It’s MAGICAL. It’s so hard to capture the beauty.

But it’s all kind fuzzy and lush in its dryness.

myeverydaylife 116

Swim lessons on a cold day. Pretty much looks like this.

myeverydaylife 117

Raspberry Peach Buckle for breakfast.

myeverydaylife 118

A moment of perfection.

myeverydaylife 113

I got strange glances when I took this photo. What else is new? People don’t understand.

myeverydaylife 111

When I’m walking I like seeing people’s mailboxes. I know, weird. They’re all so different.

myeverydaylife 112

Just right after the golden hour.

myeverydaylife 109

I appreciate this number. Well…not the 7 but I appreciate how the font is different than the usual street #.

myeverydaylife 110

Walking after dinner is so pleasant.

myeverydaylife 108

If I put this in color you would see that my clothes are really just black white & gray.

The shower tile would be pinkish.

myeverydaylife 104

We went to Tilden Park in the East Bay. Hung out at Little Farm with my friends Lisa, Christine & another Lisa!

Our kids were fast friends. I love when that happens.

myeverydaylife 105

Cooper was not shy about feeding the cows! I was pretty impressed! I would have been terrified.

myeverydaylife 103

Wildflowers are wild.

myeverydaylife 102

I was explaining what a Peace sign was to Cooper and he thought it was a TOYOTA logo.


myeverydaylife 100

This wall will be the measure of how tall he is. Cooper at 4 3/4.

myeverydaylife 101

Fog on the way to the city.

myeverydaylife 098

Taking a rest from soccer.

myeverydaylife 099

Getting lunch in SF.

myeverydaylife 097

Wearing gray Converse.

myeverydaylife 096

Lunch with my niece. Cheeseburger protein style with ketchup & mustard instead. Fries well done.

(that’s my In & Out Burger order)

myeverydaylife 126

Leftover pizza with Roasted Broccoli. I’m addicted to that broccoli.

myeverydaylife 127

We’re quite obsessed with playing Richard Scarry’s Busy Town game at home. It’s a great way to teach teamwork.

myeverydaylife 123

I bought this quilt at Crate & Barrel outlet and am SMITTEN.

myeverydaylife 124

When Mom gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

myeverydaylife 130

People of Instagram think the caramelized onions on my avocado toast look like worms.

myeverydaylife 125

When Cooper takes swim lessons, I try to imagine what life would be like as a lifeguard.

My head always goes to Winnie Cooper in the Wonder Years…

myeverydaylife 121

An AMAZING salad with Dana at Zut! in Berkeley. Cooper was really excited to meet Spencer.

myeverydaylife 122

  • Caitlin Hicks

    beautiful pictures as always! I love the fog in San Fran.

  • Monique Bartley

    Ugh! In N Out. First it was taken away from me when I moved to the East Coast. And now that I’m back in California I still can’t enjoy it because I decided to go vegetarian a few months back. I miss it so much. In-N-Out just makes me weep and throw 4 year old-esque temper tantrums.

  • Jeanette

    looking at your pictures always makes me wanna visit SF (and the surrounding) one day… =)

  • Sydney

    The picture of Cooper making lemonade is the best. His eyebrows give away his concentration. 🙂

  • Tami-TeacherGoesBackToSchool

    LITTLE FARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ruby (my 2 year old) can’t decide how she feels about those cows. Sometimes she’s bold and sometimes not so much.

    Tilden is pretty much my happy place at this point. We try to go several times a year for the MerryGoRound, steam trains and Little Farm. We took the best tiny hike in the Botanical Gardens recently. Such a great place to spend a day with your little ones.

    • Lorin

      My 2.5-y-o talks a big game about the cows – she’s going to feed them, etc – but she usually ends up hiding behind me while I feed them. She’s fearless with the other animals, though.

  • Becky

    Oh my…I just went back to Europe after spending a month in SF. Your pics really twist my heart; I want to go back!

  • Terry

    I’m new to your site – referred by a friend who loves it and I can see why. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts. I love the shot of the peace sign your son mistakes for the Toyota logo. Ahhhhh.youth!

    Happy Sunday.

  • Kayli Schattner

    Beautiful photos! x

  • Natalia

    I made myself that very same peanut butter cake for my birthday!!! Amazing!!!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Oh In N Out burger how I miss it. Beautiful photos this week!

  • Beth

    I’m from the Northwest Territories here in Canada and the picture of your morning walk in that magical light is the way it is ALL night back home. The sun doesn’t fully set and the nights feel like you’re in an enchanted world and reality is so far away.

  • Sarah Crowder (punctuated with food)

    Love love the photo of wildflowers! So pretty.

  • Jayne

    I love roasted broccoli too. It’s now probably the only way I want it. Also, I love peanut butter cake. But I cannot make it often because I’d eat it all. But your buckle recipe looks so good. I want to make it with dragon fruit and lychees. Don’t know if it’s a weird combo.

  • Caroline

    Loved your photos – Love your city <3 That fog, lady, that fog! Cooper is also the cutest/coolest little dude I've never met. Hope you two are enjoying your summer together!

  • Sarah

    There is something so San Francisco-y about these pictures. Maybe it’s that they were taken in San Francisco? Who knows.

  • Michelle @ FullyBellyWornSoles

    Great pictures. I love how you stop and notice the little moments of beauty. It’s inspiring.

    And sorry, but those onions def look like worms 🙂

  • tianna @ the spark

    I love this series. Look forward to it every week. 🙂

  • Chrystina

    These pictures are beautiful. And it looks like an awesome weekend 🙂

  • Libby

    I LOVE how hard Cooper is working to squeeze those lemons. That is what determination looks like.

  • Celia

    My mom made Joy’s Peanut Butter Cake too! Our moms know what’s up.

  • Jackie H

    I’m a week late, but I have to ask –

    Where did you get that adorable star tote in the pool-side picture?

    • Tracy

      TARGET! Hopefully they still have them and it’s not full on Back to School Season time. Good luck!

      • Jackie H

        Thanks, Tracy! I’ll take a look.

        Also – I love you & Joy’s podcast. I’ve had a Fitbit Flex for 2 mos and just started wearing it the other day because of all your talk about it. 🙂

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