June 12, 2024

Favorite Gardening Tools

Today I am going to share some of my Favorite Gardening Tools if you’re looking for some gifts for a Dad who loves working in the yard. I spent a lot of my childhood working in the yard with my Dad. I pulled weeds, I helped with irrigation and planting. I was the first one to be ready to go to the hardware store!

(I still LOVE the hardware store)

My Everyday Life Week 16 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

When I took over my childhood home, I also took over the responsibility of taking care of our property. Over the 12 years of living here, I have learned (on the job!) what it takes to take care of our yard and these are my Favorite Gardening Tools.

Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean shares her Favorite Gardening Tools!

Hedge Trimmer  – very important to have if you have a lot of bushes that need trimming. 

Battery power supply  – this thing is super versatile! We take it on the go if we need to charge anything while we are outdoors. You can plug a USB cable into and there’s a socket in it too. 

Batteries– here in CA, we are not allowed to use gas-powered tools 🙁  We have to have a bunch of batteries on hand. We are a Milwaukee family so we always have a few charging. 

Weed Whacker– I secretly enjoy weed whacking even though it takes me forever since I have to charge batteries. This thing is great! 

Weed Whacker String – always have to have extra trimmer string! 

Leaf Blower – I enjoy leaf blowing just as much as weed whacking…if not more. It gives me the feeling of a freshly vacuumed room but outdoors. Over the years, I’ve gotten quite good at leaf blowing. 

Chainsaw attachment  – we have a TON of trees in our yard and this chainsaw pole attachment is a godsend. I did go a little crazy trimming trees a few years ago but HEY, they look great and I didn’t have to pay anyone to trim. 

Collapsable garden bag– I love having this collapsable garden bag in the garden. I filled it up and then dump all of my clippings in the compost bin. 

Metal hose– I’ve raved about this hose several times. It never kinks and I like that in a hose. 

Compost bin– we compost! This bin is in our backyard and I dump all of my kitchen scraps in it. 

Weeder – once you start using one of these, you get HOOKED. 

Garden tool set– If you are gonna garden, you need a garden tool set! 

Pruners– these babies are SHARP! 

Micro pruners– I use these with my indoor plants and succulents! 

Tree trimmer/lopper– Also great with branches and bushes! 

Those are my current Favorite Gardening Tools. 

You can see more of my garden favorites on my Amazon storefront! 

  • Jamie

    If you buy a hedge trimmer (you really should!) be prepared for the manic joy of lopping off a bunch of stuff that’s been bothering you about that plant or that part of the yard and then looking for more things to lop off. And still more. So good. = )

    • Tracy

      100000% I went a little crazy a few years ago but everything grew back FULL AND LUSH!!

  • Rachel K

    A splendid post for the woman who loves to get things done outdoors! Thank you!

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