May 29, 2014

Graham Crackers+ Nutella+ Coconut

Graham Crackers + Nutella +Toasted Coconut // shutterbean

You’re either into Nutella or you’re not. This one is for those of you on Team Nutella! We take one sheet (is that what we call it??) of graham cracker and break it into 4 segments (don’t you love the built-in perforated lines?!). We then dunk the tips of each graham cracker into Nutella and top with toasted coconut (you could use a knife if you’re fancy). Because you’re doing a light dip and not covering the entire piece in Nutella, it’s just enough to give you a dessert fix. I also like that you can start with indulgence with your first bite and finish with the plain part of the graham to seal the deal. If you start the opposite way, then I can insert the mullet joke of business in front, party in the back. Ok, I’m out!

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