May 24, 2015

And I Quote:

Puns are the highest form // shutterbean

The shell must break // shutterbean


  • Khadija The Poor Hapless Soul

    Hey Tracy! I know you’re probably very busy and maybe might not even know how to help me, but nonetheless, I’m putting this out there: I need your help! Or, the help of anyone who’s good at stuff like RSS feeds (???) and Html coding (que?) and what not. Apparently my blog’s RSS feed is invalid and 200+ errors! Whaaaaattt? I have zero knowledge about what to do and I don’t speak CSS or whatever its called AND I AM HOPING AGAINST HOPE THAT YOU CAN HELP ME OR EVEN POINT ME TO THE RIGHT PERSON BEFORE I THROW MY LAPTOP OUT IN FRUSTRATION! :/
    I’m sorry for ranting so much, and I’m sorry if I annoyed you, even a little by my comment, but I am truly at my wits end. If you’re still with me, thank you for reading this, I love you and I love your blog and Cooper is ADORABLE! xx Khadija

  • Eliza

    “Puns are the highest form of literature”? Mr. Hitchcock was sure onto something.

  • Abby

    Love these. <3

  • Meghan

    My list of reasons for loving Hitchcock grew a little longer with this post!

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