March 30, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. I love a good morning bun.
  2. 100% NO
  3. My buffet choices make me a peacekeeper
  4. We’re all filled up on protein here.
  5. We’re also going to be signature-less here soon.
  6. Cats are liquid.
  7. This gives me hope.
  8. Something yummy for coconut lovers.
  9. These cake make me so uncomfortable. I want to blend in all of the frosting!
  10. Do audiobooks count as reading?
  11. Will Ferrel vs. Conceptual Art
  12. Some amazing stuff in Smithsonian’s 2018 photo contest
  13. Who doesn’t love a clever sign??!
  14. For anyone who loves a good diorama, LOOK AT THIS!!
  15. Ooof. Facebook is really blowing it, huh?   also, prepared to be creeped out.
  16. What does a Wes Anderson movie sound like?
  17. Pink city nights!
  18. These naturally dyed eggs are BEAUTIFUL
  19. Anthropologie dresses I covet: One / Two / Three
  20. If you have some leftover Cadbury eggs, make these cookies!
  21. Spike Lee’s Essential Films list
  22. Oh, this movie looks really good!!
  23. Airbnb vs. New Orleans
  24. What to do when I’m gone.

This funny looking thing is a great way to remove any unwanted facial hair. Hello, I’m 38 and it’s really creeping up all of a sudden.

Going through a black licorice phase. This back lives in my car. I’ve been reading that eating licorice before you have a meal (or anything bitter!) helps digestion. This licorice is my current favorite. If you’re a black licorice lover, what’s your favorite? I wanna do a taste test!

That I have a whole batch of Everyday Pancakes in my freezer for to help make some special weekday breakfasts quickly.

Cooper at 9. He’s such a sweet boy. He ran into the gas station to buy himself a treat (with his own money!) and came back with a treat for himself and one for me (with his own money!).


  • Jamie

    Trader Joe’s Aussie licorice is pretty good. I love the flavor but don’t like the ones that get stuck in my teeth. Also, my buffet choices peg me as an Architect. Happy Friday!

  • Becky

    Tracy, I know I’m just another rando on the interwebs, but I’ve followed your blog for years and send you my deepest wishes to keep healing from the loss of your mom. Keep taking care of yourself, and keep letting everyone around you support you with love.

  • Maire

    I personally enjoy the Twizzler brand of black licorice and the ones that are shaped like scottie dogs 🙂

  • Emily

    I love black licorice! Have you tried salty black licorice? I was at a candy shop and picked up a few pieces out of curiosity and WOW do they have strong flavor. Legit salty, sweet, and black licorice all mixed together. If you are looking for a little adventure you should give it a try 🙂

    I grew up on Red Vines black licorice – my family would buy the big tub regularly – and I still think it holds first place in my book.

    • Tracy

      I read this right before bed last night and had a dream about salty black licorice! I am going to try it the next time I see it. Thanks for the inspiration

    • Tawni

      I LOVE salty black licorice. Ikea has some that is really excellent.

  • Amy U

    Number 24, so good! Sending you love and hugs!

  • Christina Vanderveen

    Hi Tracy! Your website continues to uplift and inspire me. Thank you for all that you do in creating such an authentic and meaningful blog. I learn and am continually touched by, or given hope by what and how you share.
    My recommendation is to try any of Gustafs Dutch licorice. There are even ones shaped like cats!
    Warm regards,

  • Mari

    Have u ever tried Black Jack gum? if not ill send some to you….black licorice flavor

  • Plan 3

    Hi, i loved your font at the graphic illustrations, whats the fonts name?

  • Caroline@ Cook Ware Lab

    Hey Tracy, your love list is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Natalie

    Kodachrome looks so awesome. I LOVE Ed Harris.

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