February 27, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. The rubber band parenting method. I’d like to try it.
  2. It would be fun to do this project in my home.
  3. I’d love to see how she does Gwen Stefani. Next time!
  4. 15 things that Emotionally Strong People DON’T DO.
  5. These cinemagraphs are trippy.
  6. The only reason why I’d go camping (it’s for the food!)
  7. How Should I Teach My Kids About Money?
  8. A perfectly symmetrical Wes Anderson supercut.
  9. The Power of a Gimmick Free Gaga (her performance was unreal!)
  10. Have you done the 23andme? I’ve been contemplating buying a kit.  Because I love data.
  11. I totally had a crush on JC Chasez when he was in the Mickey Mouse Club. 
  12. Loved watching this!
  13. 34 Truths.
  14. Ages 1-100
  15. I want a camper!
  16. Guide to life by Claire Underwood. I’m excited for the next season of House of Cards!
  17. I finally finished What I Know For Sure this week and LOVED IT. Gonna read it again.
  18. What it’s like to be trapped inside your own head. Whoa. This really resonated with me.
  19. Hooray for makeup charts!
  20. San Francisco Commandments (hilarious/true)
  21. This makes me miss working in the darkroom.
  • Nikole

    I like this blog.
    I love your lists.

  • Vanessa

    HOLY CRAP the Cinemagraphs freaked me out! At first I was what she talking about these being trippy?!? I saw the bird move…mind blown lol

  • Caitlin

    These lists always have the best links in them.. that one about ways to become a morning person and wake up earlier from a couple weeks ago, and the links like “15 Things that Emotionally Strong People DON’T DO” – love all these positive things. Keeps me motivated on Friday afternoons at work. Thanks for sharing, Tracy!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I love the emotionally strong people article. So many things to thing about…and lots of reflection.

  • Laura Hager

    I love 2 and 14! The photo strip idea is so fun. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ciara

    As a scientist interested in genetics I pretty much had to do 23andme and luckily for me, my boyfriend got me a kit for my last birthday! The ancestry data I found fascinating especially comparing mine to my bfs (his ended up being more interesting as unsurprisingly I was >90% British/Irish, he has significantly more variety) The website also has cute videos explaining some basic genetics and how they get the information for those who need a refresher. Due to FDA restrictions you don’t actually get any health information from the 23andme website anymore so I ended up on SNPedia.org looking up things by myself. I found this site informative and fun to browse. It also has links to the Promethease program which for $5 you can upload your 23andme data and it will generate a report on all information from published journals on your health/risks based on your SNPs. You get important information like whether you have mutations on BRCA1 (related to breast cancer susceptibility) and other genetic diseases and less important, but interesting information on whether you are a strong bitter taster or have red hair genes. Its important to note that many of these disease statistics are correlations and do not necessarily mean you will get certain diseases-how you take care of your self and other environmental factors play huge roles. But if you like information about yourself I would definitely recommend doing it 🙂
    btw I look forward to these lists to help me get through my Friday every week and more recently have been loving the And I quote series. Thanks for doing these 🙂

  • Kelly

    I always look forward to your Friday lists. I enjoyed this one especially. Thank you Tracy! 🙂

  • Ellen

    Ooh, I need those make up charts! Living in LA has forced me to get better at make up but I still am always playing catch up..,

  • Ella

    Love the Christina video! She has an amazing voice, no matter who she tries to sound like. Very impressive.

  • Jen

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents about 23andMe. I’m a doctor and have serious concerns about their product…genetic testing is a serious thing for many reasons. It can have potential implications such as prejudice from any potential future employer, and can also affect your insurance premiums or ability to be insured if you’re found to be a carrier of a genetic condition. Also, not all genetic conditions are 100% penetrant, meaning not everyone with a gene will get a condition, so interpreting results can be tricky and can cause unnecessary anxiety. My advice is anyone considering genetic testing (which I think should only be done I cases of known family history or symptoms of a specific disease) should have genetic counselling from a professional first. Sorry for my rant, but I do feel that these companies are preying on individuals who mean well but don’t realize all the potential implications of testing. Okay, end rant! P.S. Love your site! 🙂

  • lindsay

    Love your weekly lists. I really love the way you made a dark, bleak rainy day look so stunning in that monochromatic photo. Just beautiful xo

  • Greg

    Jen’s rant implies doctors know more about DNA than their patients – which may be true for Jen, but is quite questionable for the average MD trained years ago.
    But the point about family history is a good one: it’s really the place to start. DNA testing can complement it. But be aware that $99 tests only test a subset of mutations – you aren’t being tested at all for the very rare mutations that only DNA sequencing (not $99 DNA chips) can uncover.
    As for genetic counseling, anyone who’s wondering about their DNA results can seek telephone counseling; there are several services, even if not cheap.
    And as for insurance worries: the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, passed in 2008 prohibits the use of genetic information in health insurance and employment, at least in the US.
    So have fun with the DNA tests and use them to learn about yourself, but recognize their limitations.

  • Alexis

    Although I appreciate the smart discussion here about genetic testing, I just have one question… Where did you get those great boots?! 🙂

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  • Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog

    Aww, the 100 years thing makes me smile. What a cool project.

  • Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious

    Wow that makeup link is awesome. I went to a nerdy college and grew up in Maine, so makeup never was never a high priority but it can make a huge difference in how polished you look for work. So I’m all for it!

    Last year I decided to be a grown up and stop buying crappy drug store makeup and switch to a BB cream. I never even knew that stuff existed! :-X

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