June 5, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. I read this article about loss earlier this week and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  2. This piece about grief is also very good.
  3. Here’s a chance for you to look at Marilyn Monroe’s handwriting. She wrote poems!
  4. An interview with David Sedaris that I enjoyed reading.
  5. It’s fascinating to see what big changes people made in their 20s.
  6. A pizza that would be nice & light  for summer.
  7. I am a piler. I have a real problem.
  8. Dreamy backyard photos….sigh….
  9. Gazpacho! This green one looks really good.
  10. This apartment hotel is gorgeous.
  11. I’d love to make paper feathers this summer.
  12. I didn’t get this dress, but I did pick up this one (on sale!)  for the summer. (SO COMFY!)
  13. When I clear out sometime, I’m gonna see how other people organize their inbox.
  14. Oh goodness. Let’s still braise things this summer.
  15. How smartphone dependent are you?
  16. Solutions to problems…
  17. Animal selfies!
  18. Congrats on 10 years, hula. Love you.
  19. This is seriously my dream house.
  20. Non San Franciscans react to San Franciscan things. HA


  • Jamie

    Fellow piler here. I think it comes with a love for paper, pens and office supplies. I did implement your folder system in my work tote, and that helps a lot! = )

  • Nicole

    That is my dream house, too, for real. And because it’s located in Michigan, maybe you should move here and hang out with Megan and I?? 🙂

  • Abby

    Your photo in this post, though! So pretty! <3

  • Barbara

    David Sedaris did a piece for This American Life where he talked about his sister and that whole situation. I just love him.

  • Sara

    Lots of grief – hope everything is OK! Extra good reads this list <3

  • Meg

    Oh golly, your dream house is now my dream house! Beautiful find…

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