August 28, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I love Lists Friday. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the net together!

  1. Breaking Bad was beautifully shot. That’s a fact. Also I really miss that show.
  2. Banksy has a promo video of his new installation…..
  3. A lesson in perspective. (The lesson is that it’s not worth it!)
  4. The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give (I’ve never had to give one)
  5. Screentime is making kids moody, crazy & lazy. Yes, I believe it.
  6. Luxury Cabins are luxurious. Spoiler Alert.
  7. Behind Little Free Libraries.
  8. Ladies talk about being bosses. YAAAS.
  9. 5 Ways to Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts.
  10. This drink made my mouth water.
  11. So, that’s why I always have one foot out of the covers…..
  12. The story behind the pizza box.
  13. I remember the first time I tried dark chocolate. Ugh.
  15. Texts Toddlers Would Send…if they could.
  16. Can you spot the spaces that are CGI?
  17. Instagram dropped the square??!
  18. Don’t be THAT person on a flight.
  19. Why is Everyone Succeeding Except Me?
  20. Why You Keep Waking up at 4AM
  21. I’m definitely a visual learner.




This week on Ebay, I wrote the following guides:

 10 Different Ways to Eat Eggs! — that’s right. They’re not just for breakfast anymore.

What’s In My Camera Bag – it’s all that I use.

Coffee Talk– I go through all the machinery we have a home to make our cappuccinos. We’re deeply into coffee here. It’s obscene.


  • Kate

    The article on segmented sleep is fascinating. I’ve been going through a semi-regular phase of 3am wakeups the past couple weeks and usually end up reading a bit, but planning ahead to use the time better is a great idea!

  • todd wagner

    That colored pencil shot makes me happy 🙂 Thanks for the drink <3

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