November 12, 2009

Flashback! Soups!

I’m totally a visual person (if you haven’t guessed that yet). Which means I rely heavily on my computer and old posts/flickr to get me through food cravings…and help me decide what to make for dinner. I suggest taking photos of what you make, so you can reference! Sometimes I look up stuff online thru my phone at the grocery store. Hooray for technology. I am such a slave.

I’ve been looking around at my collection, and realized that I make a lot of soup at this time of year!

I put together a lil post of my favorites!

Each one will no doubt warm you up on a chilly night…or a nice weekend afternoon.

I tend to freeze a few servings with each batch so I can take them to work with me later on.

Today I ate some Mexican Chicken Soup that I made in August. That was pretty cool.

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Sausage & White Bean Soup

Curry Zucchini Soup

Mexican Chicken Soup

Tuscan Ribollita (a new favorite!)

Vegetable Minestrone

Creamy Mushroom Soup

I am gonna be making a broccoli soup…and a lentil soup soon! Look out!

  • julo

    I am such a visual person too, which is why I’m glad you post so many great pics! I will usually only make a recipe from someone’s blog if they’ve included a picture with it. I know it’s ridiculous, but I just can’t get excited unless I see what it looks like. Great idea using your phone to get inspired at the store. 🙂

    I might have to make that butternut squash soup!

  • Wootie

    A beautiful collection of photos, prettie! NOM!

  • Lindsey

    I have made some of these as you posted them, and they are all delish. I’m making the Ribollita tomorrow night! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    yum yum YUMMMMMM!!!!!! these look AMAZING!!!

  • Dana

    I love soup. And I love all those photos. I can never get my soup photos to look appetizing. I can learn a thing or two from you!

  • Miranda

    This is a great set of soups. I would love to eat everyone one! Especially, the Curry Zucchini. That would be intersting.

  • Kristi

    I just tried your Mexican tomato soup, I added a little Kale from my CSA and used Muir Glen’s fire roasted crushed tomatoes. It was so good. I really nice, spicy soup for a cold night. I think it would be great soup to have when your feeling under the weather. Thanks for a great recipe.

  • Tracy

    thank you!! i am glad i can share them with you! I wanna add more to my collection- so look out

    kristi- kale sounds like a wonderful addition to the mexican soup. thanks for sharing! I am gonna have to try that

    Dana- it’s all about angles. Sometimes I put something under the bowl to tilt it. It’s hard not to get a heavy shadow from the rim of the bowl.

    thank you julo- i operate in the same way too! If there’s no picture, why bother? 🙂 welcome

  • Jess&Cam

    Cam introduced me to your blog. We are home sick today and both agree, you should have a cooking show on food network.

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