December 23, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

It’s Friday!! Let’s surf the internet together cuz I love lists!

  1. Are you making anything good this weekend? These cinnamon rolls look BONKERS
  2. I’ve always preferred female doctors.
  3. I like her style.
  4. This guy paints with denim.
  5. Whoaaaaaa
  6. On Burnout and Slow Rebuilding
  7. Yessssss.
  8. I’d probably sleep in this. Looks so comfy.
  9. Best Restaurant Design in 2016.
  10. How to get better at photography
  11. 2016 was pretty OK.
  12. Bookmarking this one on stopping negative thoughts.
  13. Bookmarking this list.
  14. Yaaaaas. Ladies. YAAAAS.
  15. Distraction. This is good.
  16. I really want a hot chocolate party.
  17. Photos from Christmas Past
  18. Small talk is excruciating to me.
  19. I want to see more photos of the shadows!
  20. Whoa. How did we live like this?!! lol. We LIVED.
  21. I really like the word sable.
  22. Sometimes I look at my old work just to see how far I’ve come.
  23. My friend Helen Jane and I are gonna do The Artist Way together in January. Join us!
  • Dale

    I bought the Artist’s Way a while back – after hearing SO MANY people sing its praises. I haven’t really gotten into it yet, but I plan to over the holidays. looking forward to your thoughts on it

  • 35jupiterdrive

    I’d do artist’s way again as I’m going in a different direction art-wise than when I first did it! Keep us posted.

  • Kari

    Sooooo excited about Wes Anderson’s new film!

  • Ciara

    I bought the Artist’s Way two years ago and am yet to dive in! Maybe I’ll join in in Jan!

    Cinnamon Rolls look awesome!

  • India

    #20 is the best. Happy holidays!

  • Caitlyn @ Candid Cerebrations

    Hot chocolate parties are awesome but don’t forget the booze (suggestions: Kahlua and Frangelico)! Loved the essay on burnout, I feel like a lot of people I know really felt that way at the end of 2016 – myself included.

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