November 27, 2015

I love Lists Friday!

I love lists Friday! // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  2. Choose Gratitude.
  3. What do you do for houseguests? 
  4. GIMME these burgers.
  5. We need more models of female friendships that end.
  6. I love these Behind the Scenes photos of nature photographers.
  7. These Introvert Doodles are hilarious.
  8. This is my idea of fun.
  9. MMMMMMulled wine! 
  10. It’s not easy to be authentic & genuine in our society.
  11. I loved reading this post about Friendsgiving.
  12. On the wish list: this mug / this planter / these converse / this plate / this print
  13. Important Texts of 2014.
  14. I appreciate posh food, but I know that simple food can be just as good.
  15. Kids!! They’re the best.
  16. It’s Going to be OK – this was touching
  17. Passive Aggressive Notes are kinda my favorite.
  18. My current favorite dress is now 50% off.
  19. You should make some candy cane vodka this season!

Hey! I was on the This Week for Dinner Podcast with my friend Jane Check out my episode! 

  • Paula

    Yah I am so glad to be able to hear you on a podcast again! Is it weird to say I miss the sound of your voice after listening to all the Joy the Baker podcasts? I truly miss hearing the two of you chat about anything and everything.

    • Darcie

      I completely agree with Paula – I miss hearing you and Joy chat!

      • Tracy

        I miss doing the podcast! We’e trying to figure out if we have the time to put towards it like we used to.

  • Amanda

    Great list! Really liked the post about female friendships, super thought-provoking

  • Shawn W

    Amen to #5. I’ve heard too many women talk about friendships like it’s a toxic relationship – one I know they would never tolerate with a man. I always pose the same question, “and you’re friends with her because???”

  • meagan

    i just got the materials for the peppermint vodka last night, including the cutest glass jars to gift it in (thanks target!) last year i made your peppermint bark but for some reason i think this will be an even bigger hit. woo!

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