December 17, 2012

Candy Cane Vodka

While googling for fun facts about candy canes, I found out that first candy cane was made over 350 years ago and for the first 200 years they were solid white.  Can you imagine a candy cane without stripes! CRAZY.  I also discovered that National Candy Cane day is on December 26th. That means we should drink this candy cane vodka to celebrate! Take all of your broken candy canes (which should be PLENTY) and do something with them.

Candy Cane Vodka is really the simplest of recipes. Two ingredients are required candy canes & vodka. How could you go wrong? And look at that color of this concoction! It’s the most brilliant shade of red!

Can I also note how fun it is to break candy canes ON PURPOSE. There’s just something about it that delights me.

Imagine a mug full of spiked peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream and a teeny candy cane hanging off the edge.

I just figured out what I am drinking tonight.

And we’re off! Like I said. EASY.

Unwrap your candy canes.

Place them in a food processor and WHIRL it up.

You want a really fine powder.

Put the candy cane powder onto a sheet of parchment or waxed paper. Transfer the powder to the jar.

Pour vodka over powder.

Fill it all the way up. Put the lid on.


Agitate for a bit and after about 30 minutes, strain the vodka and return it back to the jar.

If your powder is SUPER DUPER fine, you might not need to strain.

Brilliant red pepperminty vodka!  It’s perfectly sweet and minty. Totally fine on it’s own but….

What else can we do with it?

Mmm pepperminty coffee!

Imagine how good that would be after a day of skiing/ice-skating/taking your kids to see Santa…

Candy Cane Vodka

makes 3 cups

recipe adapted slightly from Rachael Ray Magazine

  • 12 full-sized candy canes
  • 1  750 ml  bottle vodka
Using a food processor or coffee grinder, pulse candy canes to fine powder. Using funnel or a sheet of parchment paper, pour candy cane powder into jar of vodka. Screw on lid and shake to mix. Let vodka sit, shaking occasionally, until candy dissolves and vodka turns red, about 30 minutes.  If they’re are bits of candy cane remaining, strain with a fine mesh strainer and return to the jar.  Keep vodka sealed & refrigerated. Should last up to a month. 

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