August 26, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. Breakfast on Instagram is insanely popular.
  2. A very good read.
  3. I kinda geek out on back to school supplies. Can’t help it.
  4. Stories of meeting celebs while at work. Robin Williams used to be a regular where I worked. I have some funny stories.
  5. For the avocado lovers.
  6. A 100 year old TO DO LIST hack is still holding up.
  7. This wall is RAD.
  8. BEES!
  9. I can’t believe dorm rooms look like this now….
  10. This print would be so pretty over my bed.
  11. Love this- The Truth Behind Instagram Photos of Ideal Food
  12. This cocktail looks supreme
  13. But really…how do you pronounce La Croix?
  14. Some thought provoking political cartoons.
  15. The Hippest Internet Cafe of 1995
  16. Remind me never to fall asleep in public.
  17. These architecture watercolors are incredible.
  18. The Great Rooms of Children’s Literature.
  19. We just had a discussion about how much money is put into the Olympics
  20. Complaining is no good for you. That’s a fact.
  21. How common is your birthday?
  22. Here’s your Fashion Color Trend Report according to Pantone.
  23. The most hippy towns in all of USA.
  • The Wooden Spoon

    I love, love, love your lists and the thought you put into them! Side note: this makes me miss Santa Cruz even more than normal. Have a great weekend!

  • Kaileen Elise Sues

    This is one of my favorite lists yet. Love the article about age, gender & careers. Also, that bday info graphic is brilliant!

  • Lindsay

    OMG those dorm rooms!! And I thought mine was so swanky in the UI at UofO! I won the “dorm lottery” and was so stoked to have my own bathroom! Those ones are insane!

    • Tracy

      Oh my goodness I always loved visiting the UI. They were so fancy compared to my Hamilton dorm at the UofO!

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