Episode #8 is live!!!

Hey! This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast over at Homefries, me & Joy are at it again!

This week we are talking about:

  • making ice cream with just bananas. It’s bananas!
  • our favorite things! I do my impression of Oprah. Sorry, Oprah!
  • bikinis….and how to try them on without feeling bad.
  • our conference! YES. It’s ON.

You won’t want to miss it! Come check it out!

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  • Nicole

    Cooper’s intro was the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard. For real.

  • Julia

    hi tracy! it was nice meeting you yesterday! although i normally would not have bothered you, it all seemed too fitting being in Trader Joes. thanks again for all the great posts, and now podcasts!

    • Tracy

      Julia!! Thank you so much for coming up to me! That was pretty awesome. I’m really glad you did!!!

  • Petra

    Awesome, loved Cooper, loved Oprah, loved watering the concrete, loved the whole talk. Thanks girls, you are the best! 🙂

  • Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice

    Hey! Oh my goodness – I just listened to a few of your podcasts with Joy the Baker. I was actually laughing out loud! My bf was like…wha? I was sitting here with headphones on laughing at your imitations of Oprah. Ah-mazing!

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