January 8, 2016

I love lists Friday!

Weekly web inspiration - I love lists Friday on shutterbean.com!

Welcome to I Love lists Friday!  Let’s surf the net together!

  1. Food styling tricks from advertising experts.
  2. Cat has secret family!
  3. 21 Benefits of Having a Cat
  4. Make Your Partner Feel Important So Your Relationship has a Chance
  5. This soup looks incredible.
  6. I’ve been craving hot chocolate lately. Here’s how to make the best hot chocolate!
  7. Realistic Mom Goals for 2016. 
  8. Dude. These cookies. WANT. All of them. Now.
  9. Netflix Hacks for 2016
  10. These boots caught my eye same with this top
  11. I love seeing how others use the Bullet Journal System!
  12. Holiday Decoration Organization! We’re so close to be done with putting ours away.
  13. If you’re into Making a Murderer, you might like these other documentaries. 
  14. Also if you’re watching the show, this is a good read. I didn’t even think about what it feels like from her perspective. Wow.
  15. Currently working on pairing down my wardrobe. This post was inspiring.
  16. These muffins with these lattes. Please/thank you.
  17. I love Conan. This bit made me laugh so hard.
  18. My latest Pinterest search followed by this query.
  19. It’s amazing what an  iPhone can do.
  20. Most expensive homes in every state! Whoa.
  21. It’s fascinating to see what Tom Brady + Gisele eat.
  22. How to clean a dutch oven!
  23. 52 Ways to Awaken Your Playful Spirit. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Marvin Gaye

  • Kasey

    Pretty sure Tom + Giselle are nuts. No tomatoes?!?!

  • Libby

    I can’t find a planner that will work for me. I think the Bullet Journal is going to be what I end up with. I was thinking about it this morning so I’m grateful that you linked to it to remind me to research it a little bit more. Thanks!

    • Tracy

      I did the bullet journal for about a year and then hopped onto something else. Good luck!!! I’m still trying to find the right system 😉

      • Jamie

        Elise Joy’s Get To Work Book looks intriguing.

        • Tracy

          I used the Get to Work Book religiously for about 4-5 months and then realized that I have too much paper in my life to manage that calendar AND folders for the things I need. I made myself a binder system and used some of the ideas from the Get to Work Book to help. I didn’t like having a spiral in the middle of my calendar so now I have a calendar that takes up a full 8.5 x 11 page in my binder and it makes it easier for me to eat to it and view it.

  • Karina

    Even is not related to your Friday’s list, I wanted to thank you, for your recipes and inspiration. For Xmas, I gave to my whole family (11 gifts) a batch of Coconut Date rolls that you posted some weeks ago. The recipe function exactly as you wrote it. Thank you very much!!! Im great sfan of you!

  • Mandi

    That article with Tom & Gisele’s chef is easily the most pretentious thing I’ve ever read about food. And that includes reading Gwyneth’s cookbooks.

  • Grant

    What happened to the Shutterbean email notifications? They no longer have the great color pictures but now only brief text. I tried emailing contact@shutterbean but the mailbox was full. With the mailbox error and the email notification change, I was concerned that the blog may be having problems.

  • DessertForTwo

    I usually click on, like, over half of your links. I try to narrow it down so that I don’t get lost in the internets, but this week, every single one of these links sound amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the share, lady!

    Also, I wonder how much $$ Tom and Gisele’s chef makes for making them glorified burrito bowls and fruit leather?

  • Kayleigh

    That soup IS amazing. So SO good.

  • blair

    I’m with @dessertfortwo– I always click on most of your links! You have the best round-ups.

  • Kristen

    🙂 Your Friday Lists are my favorite. Thanks for including my bullet journal post, Tracy! I appreciate it!

  • erinlucy

    I’m OBSESSED with true crime documentaries. Since I’ve been at law school, I’ve become even more obsessed because I can almost convince myself that I’m studying when I watch them. ha
    There are some great ones in that list you posted and I’ve seen most of them but have to add – The staircase. It’s fantastic.

  • Meredith

    Thanks so much for including my list of ways to be more playful! LOVE the idea of a Friday list to dive into over the weekend.

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